Despite what we might think, marriage inequality still permeates our society. A list of “gay-friendly” doctors I found is evidence of this.



The notion of “gay-friendly” has always been a strange thing to me. It automatically implies that everything to the contrary is the opposite, antagonistic.

This poses a problem when you see it plastered in online searches for hotels, restaurants, suburbs, neighbourhoods, bars, clubs etc. Ones’ self-worth becomes non-existent, and your perception of where you are welcome becomes narrower. Fear becomes the norm, and the shame eats into you.

Despite this, I had grown accustomed (albeit continually pissed) to seeing it online, yet what I never expected to find in 2019, was to see “Gay-Friendly Doctors” on the NSW Government website.

Doctors. Can we all let that sink in for a moment?

I’ll give you all a minute.

The NSW Government has literally provided a guide for health care practitioners who are supposedly non-discriminatory. Doctors.

Isn’t it their fundamental job to care for human beings? Period. Don’t they sign some oath to care for all patients?
 Don’t they have a duty of care to take care of everybody? Have we seriously got to spell out who is a bigot and who isn’t?

I initially couldn’t believe that in Australia in 2019, the NSW government would put something like this up.

Then I remembered that the same government thought it appropriate to ask the entire nation if gay people were worthy enough to have the rights of our straight peers.

It’s so fucked up. There’s no eloquent way to put it.

It is just so appallingly fucked up and I am beyond sick of it.

People expected marriage equality to be the final frontier, but the hatefulness runs far deeper.

Ignorance is born from laziness and the unwillingness to learn. It manifests in people who lack empathy and are too bone idle to bother looking into anything and learning about people other than themselves.

Learn. Stop being afraid of things on assumption.

At the very least, if you feel you can’t do your job because of your own prejudices, go and work somewhere isolated where your judgmental bullshit won’t destroy peoples’ lives.

It’s very straightforward:

If you don’t like dealing with different types of meat, don’t be a butcher.

If you don’t like issuing marriage licenses to everybody, don’t work in public service.

If you don’t like dealing with every, single, human life, don’t be a fucking doctor.

It sickens me to my stomach that I even need to write this damn thing.

Australia, as a nation, thought that we had climbed over the equality mountain, but we are far from it.

We have so much left to do.


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