Marie Kondo sparks betrayal with $96 ladle (and other overpriced junk)

Not too long ago, Marie Kondo told us to get rid of all our rubbish. Suddenly, she’s selling branded junk online. Oh dear.



Some time ago, Marie Kondo entered our cluttered lives and asked us to sort our shit out. For the most part, we did.
She became a verb, and we got busy. We were Kondo-ing our life. At the end of her Netflix series, we were cured, free from the claws of useless junk.
However, in a completely unexpected turn, Marie has decided to do a 180, and is now flogging a whole raft of modern living solutions we didn’t know we needed.
The products are labelled by the website as “a collection of items that spark joy for Marie and enhance your everyday routine.”


One of the offending items.


We may differ in joy, but a $96 ladle, a $275 brass tool holder and/or a nondescript box (retail $75) doesn’t necessarily spark anything bar that superfluous consumerism she guilted us into stopping.
Suffice to say that the theorists of the internet believe Marie’s sudden turn as a very measured, Bezos-level pirouette.
One Twitter user suggested that Kondo was playing the long game, and her asking us to get rid of our junk was a just a scam so we made room for hers.
I’m unsure what her next move is, perhaps she’ll ask us to throw away our money and invest in Kondodollars.
You no longer spark joy, Kondo, you narrow my eyes in suspicion.


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