Facing more than 23 million breaches and possible criminal charges, the outgoing CEO of the Westpac Group has fronted the media to discuss the issue.



The Westpac Board have issued an official statement in response to the legal action bought on by the financial intelligence agency AUSTRAC for allegedly committing 23 million breaches of Australia’s anti-money laundering laws including payments allegedly for child exploitation purposes, claiming ‘How good’s the cricket?’

The Board’s sentiments were echoed by Westpac’s CEO Brian Hartzer.

Hartzer, who is expected to stand down today after failing to have adequate oversight of the Bank’s anti-money laundering practices, pointed out the bowling performance of Mitchell Starc in his comeback Test.

‘I am disappointed with the allegations’ said Hartzer who leaves with a year’s pay, $2.686m but misses out on some bonuses, “…but One-Nil up in a two-test series against Pakistan is a great start to what is promising to be a great summer of cricket.”





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