How to stay safe this festival season

With the festival season again upon us, our friends at EMS Event Medical are here to keep you safe during your fun in the sun.



As the weather is warming up tickets are purchased and flower crowns are made for the season within the season – festival time is upon us!

The summer music festival is a time-honoured tradition among the Australian youth and a much-celebrated way to see out the year and celebrate the New Year.  

Unfortunately, as with all events where people gather under the harsh rays of the sun, and drugs & alcohol are consumed there can be some risks involved, so the emphasis has to be on keeping festival patrons safe at these events. 

Event Medicine is an evolving subspecialty of emergency medicine. The EMS teams of registered Paramedics, Registered Nurses, Doctors and EMTs are on the ground to provide immediate and perhaps life-saving treatment.  The teams are all professionally qualified and equipped with state of the art equipment and have the ability to treat patients on scene and in the field, reducing the burden of Triple Zero ambulance calls and referrals to hospital.



Medical, police and other professionals are there to support patrons; but festival-goers need to take responsibility to ensure they get the best out of their experience, and don’t end up in emergency medical care.

Whether it’s a one day or weekend-long event, play smart (not hard!) so you don’t miss the party. 


Stay hydrated and eat

Drink plenty of water, stay away from energy drinks and eat regularly – this will keep your energy up better than a quick fix of energy drink. While a quick fix may sound tempting; it’s a bad idea with the heat and dancing. Your heart rate is already elevated and adding a hit of caffeine and/or sugar can send it into overdrive. Water, water and more water (and food) is the recommendation of Australian Government Health Direct. But remember not too much as this can also be dangerous.


Wear sunscreen, stay sun safe and keep cool

Keep yourself sun safe with sunscreen and hats. Getting sun-kissed at festivals is almost inevitable, but too much sun can equal sunburn, sun-stroke and heat stroke. According to the Red Cross, heatwaves and heatstroke kill more people in Australia than bushfires and other natural disasters. Find a place to chill-out and cool down regularly.


Know where you are, and what’s around you

When you first arrive, get to know what’s where – apart from which bands are playing where and when. Often the areas are very large, so getting to know where the toilets, medical, security, food stalls, bar, camping and chill out zones is a smart move. If you can’t get your hands on a map, explore the place before you get into the party mode, and find out where the important stuff is – it may save you valuable time later. Also, consider using EMS ASSIST.


Bring your medications to the event

EMS and other professionals recommend you bring your medications to the event with you and leave them with the onsite medical for safeguarding. It will keep your medication safe from loss, theft, damage or confiscation. Check with our medical professionals when you drop off your meds for reaction with alcohol or anything else you may be taking or drinking. 

It is a good idea to contact the festival organiser prior to the event to speak about safeguard and the process required in having your medication at the event.


Look after each other

Stay with your friends, keep talking to them and even consider having a sober buddy with you. If you don’t know you should learn the signs and symptoms of an overdose, this can not only help one of your friends but those around you. 


Seek out Medical Assistance ASAP

That’s what they are there for. You won’t get into trouble, but you may save a life. They are professionals and know how to handle medical emergencies, heat stroke and the myriad of incidents that come with the festival territory. If you are concerned about anything – get help! The EMS Assist app can get you assistance at the touch of a button. 

EMS Event Medical will continue to be a strong presence at festivals as they work with organisers to ensure your safety and well being at festivals and events.  


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