Taylor hasn’t been contacted by detectives, Morrison refuses to release phone transcript

In today’s Question Time, Angus Taylor confirmed that detectives are yet to speak to him about his ongoing investigation.



Today’s Question Time further illuminated the Angus Taylor scandal, as it was confirmed that the detectives assigned to his investigation are yet to speak with the embattled Energy Minister.

Earlier, Barnaby Joyce slammed the investigation, calling it ‘trivial’. “Someone has made a mistake and reported a number that is incorrect, and that is where it should stop.”

The fact that Joyce has favoured the side of the ministerial greater good should raise eyebrows and roll the eyes underneath them, because the headline could very well be “disgraced backbencher slams probe into disgraced frontbencher”.

Nevertheless, the circus rolled on, as Scott Morrison used Question Time to dismiss Labor’s line of accusation, who castigated the Liberals for not releasing a full transcript of the phone call between the Prime Minister and the NSW police commissioner. When pressed, Morrison stated that it was “question time, not smear time.”

Clearly, Morrison’s flat refusal to release the transcript sparks suspicion, as one could easily draw a line between the two. Did Morrison’s mysterious phone call have anything to do with the fact that the detectives are yet to call Taylor?


Clearly, Morrison’s flat refusal to release the transcript sparks suspicion, as one could easily draw a line between the two.


Even if that suspicion is the stuff internet theories are made of, if one was defending an embattled MP, you’d certainly make sure that that question is out of it, as that particular brush covers a rather large area. The fact that the populace still does not know what was discussed over the two minutes merely breeds more suspicion.

On November 26, the NSW Police said it was “in the early stages of investigating information into the reported creation of fraudulent documentation”.

“Detectives from the State Crime Command’s Financial Crimes Squad have launched Strike Force Garrad to investigate the matters and determine if any criminal offences have been committed,” NSW Police said.

The affair started when Taylor wrote to Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore after the City of Sydney declared a climate emergency.

Seeking to score a political point, Taylor suggested the City of Sydney should look at its own carbon footprint, alleging its councillors’ travel costs had been $1.7 million on international travel and $14.2 million on domestic travel. The letter was given to the Daily Telegraph.

Moore immediately pointed out the figures were wrong.

The correct figures for 2017-18 were $1727.77 for international travel and $4206.32 for domestic travel.

Taylor has repeatedly claimed the figures he used were downloaded from the council website. But the council provided metadata showing the website information had not been changed, and this was confirmed by other searches.





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