I see people stressing about their sales process, because they are putting too much emphasis into the technical part of their process. In my 36 Minute Sales Funnel the emphasis is on 3 things, or as I like to call them, The 3 P’s: Position, Package and Persuade.


What matters is what you put into at the top or the beginning of your process (the top of the funnel) and what you do with it at the other end, when it leaves the funnel.

Let’s look at the 3 P’s.

  1. Position

This relates to your position in the arena, what is your prospective client’s perception of you? The type of perception you portray relates directly to what type of prospect you attract. You have to pitch yourself as a leader in the market, and be seen as an authority. If you are seen as an authority in your game, then generally you are going to attract a higher level of prospect with higher goals.

How you pitch yourself directly determines the quality of leads you are going to generate.

  1.  Package

Are you just selling your product, services, your skill or your time for money? Not very unique – and if you are just selling THAT then you are just like everyone else, and that’s when generally the lowest price wins.

You need to repackage; what is the compelling high value offer that you are going to attract people to? Packaging your products and services so that they are outcome based adds value. Your packaging needs to speak directly to solving a problem. Then it needs to be sold in the way that it’s going to transform your prospect’s business and life once it’s implemented.

  1. Persuade

By concentrating on the top two Ps, you’re guaranteed to attract a better quality prospect, and possibly in a higher volume. So how do you clinch the deal, and get them to get their cheque book or credit card out? Are you using a standard run-of-the-mill sales pitch? That’s not going to get them across the line.

Communication and cultivation will persuade them and give you a higher quality sale. You need a high level sales pitch like the Blueprint Conversion System that will give you the ability to persuade them. You have to deliver high value before you can convert the sale.


You need to repackage yourself and what you are offering, look at a different communication strategy, and engage with a high level sales tool. These 3 processes are where the money is, and if applied properly your sales will go through the roof.

The part in the middle between 2 and 3, is the technical aspect of the process, and while it’s important (think communication and cultivation!), it shouldn’t be your first focus.

By concentrating on the three P’s your sales funnel will be more effective and you’ll see results in 30 days. I’ve had clients that have used this system who consistently break their sales records, another had applied this principle and in the following month did 30 days business in 9 days. One of my happiest clients repositioned themselves and repackaged their services to convert a $250k deal per month sale.

If you would like me to personally take a look at your sales funnel process, particularly the areas above please feel free to email me steve@stevebrossman.com and we can organise a time to go through it.



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