While I’m less than a week away from leaving primary school forever, I believe I’m ready to take this overwhelming step.



Year 7. High school. It’s a scary thought. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was moving from preschool to Kindy. And now I’m less than a week or so away from leaving primary school forever.

As we all know, taking a huge step like this is overwhelming. For me, it means homework, double maths, responsibility and time management. All the things I dislike and struggle with. Especially maths. High school means spending the most important years of your life without some of your friends, because they are going to a different school.

My friends have supported me all my life, during the good times and the bad. They are an important part of me, and I’ll be sad to see some go. I’ve had so many experiences with them, and I’m sure they will agree with me that they’ve enjoyed many of these. We have gone on many amazing adventures and made lots of memories together that I hope we will never forget. I hope that at some point in the future our paths will cross again.

I am looking forward to many things in high school though, including seeing some of my old friends again and making new ones. High school will definitely offer many special opportunities, and I can’t wait to experience them all.


My friends have supported me all my life, during the good times and the bad. They are an important part of me, and I’ll be sad to see some go.


To get a taste of what high school life would be like, my primary school held an event called Year 6 Transition for two weeks. During Transition, we had a timetable, and different teachers for each subject. We also had to carry our bags around with us from room to room.

Everything about it was fun, except double maths! We discovered that high school isn’t just cliques, essays, boring lessons and reading from textbooks, like you see in movies. Transition helped a lot, because now I don’t have to rock up to high school next year not knowing anything about it.

We also visited our local high school once every week and learned about a different subject every term. The teachers were extremely kind and enthusiastic. It didn’t matter if we made mistakes. High school really isn’t as frightening as television programs, books and older siblings make it out to be. Teachers are certainly not mean, cruel or beastly, and you definitely are not alone in an every-person-for-themselves Hunger Games

Thinking about it, I used to hate the idea of going to high school. But now I’ve realised that high school isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. You get to meet new people, take advantage of amazing opportunities, learn about captivating subjects and celebrate milestones such as your eighteenth birthday and graduating from Year 12 with your friends, both old and new.

Without a doubt, every Year 6 student should be excited about going into Year 7, as there are so many things to look forward to. It certainly is a big step from being at the top of the world in Year 6 to starting again at the bottom, but treat it like a fresh start – you can reinvent yourself.

High School is a place where kids become young adults, and education becomes serious; you might fail a test that you studied half the night for, only to pass the one for which you guessed the answers.

But trust me, in the end, it’ll be worth it.



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