What are you doing over the Xmas Break? January and February are most commonly the times of year when many businesses are in downtime, but it’s the perfect time to work on your business, and I want to work with you.

Sure, you can have some downtime, take a holiday and enjoy yourself and go away. However, if you want to hit the ground running when everyone is still blaming the holidays and gearing up for 2020 in February, you could use some of that downtime to accelerate and prepare for 2020 with greater momentum.

Do you want better clients, higher value clients, an easier sales process and more cash in your pocket?

Now’s the time to work on your business, and work on you!

The 3 Ps

POSITION: you can start the New Year as an authority in your market by preparing yourself to be in the spotlight when people wake up; they will see as a leader.

PACKAGE: you need to think about how you package your services and products in a way that is outcome based. People will buy an outcome and pay for the value that they can see; do you need to change the way you package your services or products?

Look at the 4 Rs:

  • Retention – getting your clients to stay longer, will increase CASH FLOW
  • Results – your clients will get better results, and in turn they will give you better…
  • Referrals – better referrals will increase your…
  • Revenue – this means a better business.

PERSUADE: how do you persuade your clients? Is your sales process to long? I would love to work with a few select people over the break, work on the 3 Ps, and give you access to my Blueprint Conversion System. I want to give you to the tools to persuade your clients in a faster and easier way.

People that I have worked with have increased their revenue by 20-40%, some within a month. One client broke 10 years sales records in 4 weeks; another did a month’s worth of sales in just 9 days.

If you wait until the New Year ramps up, and be like everyone else, you won’t start converting until the end of February or March. No business I know can survive long term on 3 to 4 months of slow sales and downturn.

If you take the time now to improve yourself, your product and service packaging, and your sales and conversion process, you will be hitting the ground running, when everyone else is just waking up.

If you want to be smart, and pull the pants down on your competitors to position yourself as an authority in your market, drop me your details here.

I will only be working with a handful of people, so if you want to take the time to work on your business, and want to know how your own Blueprint Conversion System can work for you, I look forward to meeting you.

Until then, see you soon!

Steve Brossman is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of “The Authority Client Attraction System


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