Today I am going to talk to you about coal and diamonds, but specifically ‘Diamonds’.

How are you communicating with the people that you are trying to attract? The way you communicate affects the way you attract prospects to you and your business. Your communication or sales pitch is what turns prospects into valued conversions!

Is it Coal or Diamond communication?

Think about it; coal and diamonds are carbon, but they are formed in different ways. Coal is formed over a much slower time period than diamonds, and diamonds are rarer, which means their value is greater.

Your communication is what stands between your product or service and your sales. It doesn’t matter if it’s online communications, your marketing, or what you are telling people – it’s your elevator pitch.


When I meet people at events or elsewhere, it’s astounding the amount of people that I encounter that want to tell me who they are, what they do, how they do it etc. Like coal, they are a slow burn; these are the people suffering from ‘Brown Box Syndrome’. They want to tell you about the process, and what they do; they are excited about that, not us!

If you are doing this in your elevator pitch; you are delivering ‘coal’ communication. It’s a slow process, with gradual momentum and possibly not a whole lot of heat. People’s eyes will glaze over, and you will lose the prospect and the sale; it’s time to change your gameplan

It needs to be cleaned up; make it faster, clearer, and more attractive to the people you are communicating with.


Now the Diamond; it’s got instant attraction, is highly valued and it is ‘indestructible’. Diamond communication in your elevator pitch is getting to the point, selling what it’s going to do for your prospect to make their life better. You need to talk to the benefits of your product or service, what it’s going to do for your prospect, not what your profession is and how you do it.

It’s clear, hard and fast communication to grab people’s attention.

Just like a diamond it’s going to be attractive, valued and MEMORABLE. It’s going to be quick to the point and communicate to your prospect their need for what you are selling them. 


Are you ready to polish your pitch? Let me help you. I’ve written, hosted and produced a TV Show on Channel 9. Appeared on TV across 5 Continents and have been Executive Producer with Warner Bros.

I’ve spoken live to over 75,000 in 15 countries and have sold over $1million from speaking I’ve been a practitioner of the craft speaking and pitching

You can email me; we have some upcoming events around the country, where I’d love to meet you. I can help you get out of the ‘Brown Box Syndrome’ and create diamond communication to transform your sales pitch and increase your conversions.

That’s the aim of your sales pitch; your prospects want to value what they are hearing. You need to stand out and be memorable. You mostly only get one chance, so make it shine – like a diamond!

Steve Brossman is the No.1 Amazon author of “The Authority Client Attraction System”.

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