Fish fingers with custard and the other hideous dishes of Instagram

While a viral post for ‘diet cheesecake’ has been circulating and the photos are horrific, it represents the tip of Instagram’s disgusting iceberg.



Earlier this month, the revelation that Gene Simmons eats his cereal with ice cubes had the internet talking and inspired others to try it, of course. 



The current diet combo talking point? Cereal cheesecake – if you can even call it that.

A (fortunately anonymous) member of the private Facebook group ‘Slimming World Tasty Meal and treats’ thought their contemporaries should be exposed to their creation made up of ingredients the Slimming World plan allows you to eat. One of the other members decided to share a screenshot of their creation to twitter after learning the post was not a joke but rather made in good faith.



Their “cheesecake” was comprised of a Crunchy Nut cornflakes base covered in a concoction of Laughing Cow spreadable cheese, quark, and hot white chocolate powder.

All inside a nice plastic container.

Instagram has no shortage of its quirky combinations. One ‘food influencer’ shared with his followers a “Peanut Butter Burger”. These people are peddling the diet of the internet and are taking us down a dark path.



Another weird combo doing the rounds is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich filled with Doritos. Weird peanut butter combos are in vogue, it seems.

So, you’re adventurous, but you’re looking for a healthier snack. Have you considered salt and pepper on apples?



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Apparently #salt and #pepper on #apples is something people do .it’s soooo #DELICIOUS

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Does orange juice count as healthy? Probably not, especially when paired with an Oreo. Avocado and honey might count though.

Looking for a dessert combination? Look no further than fish fingers and custard. If that’s not your thing, vanilla ice cream and soy sauce is always an option.

Vegemite pasta might just be the worst thing Australia has ever done to Italy. Discussing whether pineapple belongs on pizza is so 2019. It’s time to start a dialogue; does banana belong on pizza? Food for thought.



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My only black friend is trippin. #pizzaandbanana #wtf #weirdo #bonkers @lindasbaby

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