The gavel fell on Harvey Weinstein this morning, offering overdue vindication to those who spoke out. 



There’s a truth universally acknowledged, in that America’s rich and/or famous don’t go to jail. Or at least, they’re given token sentences and walk free soon thereafter. In the case of Harvey Weinstein, not so much.

Facing anywhere between five and 29 years for a lifetime of fuckery, Weinstein received 23, news and time he met from the seat of a wheelchair.

As the Associated Press noted, “Both of the women Weinstein was convicted of assaulting told the court about the damage he did to them, and the empowerment they felt when testifying against him. ‘Rape is not just one moment of penetration. It is forever,’ said the 2013 rape accuser, who recalled a moment during the trial when she left the witness stand in tears and then could be heard screaming from an adjacent room.

“It was, she said, ‘the day my voice came back to its full power,’ she said.

“Asked later about her reaction after the sentence, she wiped her eyes, raised her arm and nodded her head.

“Haleyi broke down in tears as she told the court the 2006 attack scarred her deeply and ‘stripped me of my dignity as a woman.’ The encounter made her rethink her career in the entertainment business and left her feeling afraid of retaliation, she said.”

Weinstein was convicted on two counts: criminal sex act and rape in the third degree. He was acquitted of the more serious charges against him of first-degree rape and two counts of predatory sexual assault. While Weinstein is expected to appeal, he is due to face similar allegations in the state of California, confirmed by Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey, who tweeted that her office is moving to extradite Weinstein post haste.

Weinstein gave a twelve-minute plea for his freedom, which we won’t print, but will reference, as it illustrated the depth of his confusion, and perhaps a lack of remorse. Men, he opined, are being accused of “things that none of us understood.”

Pardon the editorialising, but enjoy prison, twerp.




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