In order to combat panic buying, Woolworths will open its doors for the elderly and disabled.



Tired of reasoning with the panic-buying mob, Woolworths has tried a different tactic, announcing a dedicated shopping hour entirely for the elderly and those with disabilities.

From tomorrow onwards, those in possession of concession cards will have exclusive access to the store between 7-8am, allowing them first dibs on the essential items that have been hoarded to combat the coronavirus. All other shoppers will have access after 8am.

“While we’ll continue to do our very best to restock our stores during this period of unprecedented demand, we know many of our elderly customers have been missing out on essential items when they shop,” Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director Claire Peters said.

“This temporary measure will give them, and those with a disability, the opportunity to shop before ​our stores officially open, helping them obtain the ​essential ​items they need most in a less crowded environment.”

“We continue to encourage all Australians to be mindful of those in our communities who might need extra help at this time.”

On social media, the response has been mostly positive, with several Twitter users advocating for pregnant women to be added to the list, others suggesting a more appropriate hour, and others, well:




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