myGov website crashes, Minister asks users to “try again tomorrow”

As part of the coronavirus stimulus, funds will be available to those who apply via myGov. One problem, however.



The website giving Australians access to government services (and in real terms, money to survive) has crashed as people deal with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

“There is unprecedented demand for the service right now, but Australians need to be patient. Try logging on later today or even tomorrow,” Government Services Minister Stuart Robert told AAP on Monday.

“…myGov is working, but the best option right now is for people to be patient.

However, since uttering the statement, myGov is also down. Clearly, what we don’t know are the measures taken by the Morrison government to increase the capacity of the site in order to handle the influx of users created by the second stimulus package.

Over the next six months, an extra $550 per fortnight will be paid to existing (and new) recipients of the JobSeeker Payment (the erstwhile Newstart), Youth Allowance, Parenting Payment, Farm Household Allowance and Special Benefit.

According to ANU’s Peter Martin, Josh Frydenberg has crowed about the ease of the payment roll out. Martin wrote: “Anyone made redundant because of the coronavirus, or who has their hours cut by 20% or more because of the coronavirus (for sole traders, has their revenue cut by 20% or more) will be able to get early access to up to $10,000 of their super during the current financial year (the one that ends on July 30) and a further $10,000 during the first three months of 2020-21 (July 1 to September 30).

“Frydenberg believes the funds will find this easy to manage:

the super funds last year had about $300 billion in cash, so they have the ability to provide what treasury estimate to be about a $27 billion injection into the economy.

“He makes the point super belongs to the owners, and was saved with the intention that it be available for use on a rainy day:

this is the people’s money, and this is the time they need it most.

“Withdrawals will be tax-free and will not affect Centrelink or veterans payments.

“The process will be close to frictionless. Rather than approaching their fund, “eligible individuals will be able to apply online through myGov.”



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