Forget fines, Italians are enforcing social isolation with sweary drones

Frankly tired of everyone’s nonsense, one Italian mayor has enlisted an army of drones to keep everyone indoors.



Italy gazes at our measures to stop the populace from going outside (currently $5,430 or three months imprisonment) and laughs heartily.

As we’ve previously reported, be it slide tackles or diatribes about canine genitals, they’re not messing around.

However, they’ve taken it a step further, as one mayor has apparently raised a great airforce armed with harsh language. Cateno De Luca, mayor of Messina has promised (via a Facebook video) that he’ll use drones to swear at people who decide to defy the commandment to stay in.

“I can’t wait for it… drones everywhere,” he said. Brilliantly, and I weigh their flight with a heavy asterisk, the drones will broadcast the mayor’s voice “that will say as soon as I catch you, ‘where the f*** are you going? Go back home!’. This will be the voice of the drone.”

The entire country has been on lockdown since early March, and Italians are subject to rather extreme measures, as the government has outlawed travel within the country without a valid reason.

Outside of work and exercise, citizens have been told to stay indoors, with those venturing outdoors are required to be accompanied by a certification that must be supplied at police checkpoints.



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