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Prince Charles “fine” with being separate from the rest of the UK

Despite contracting the coronavirus, Prince Charles has promised the UK that he’ll be able to handle a strict barrier between him and the rest of the populace.



Prince Charles is apparently upbeat since contracting the coronavirus, remaining confident that he’ll be able to continue doing the nothing the Kingdom expects him to do.

The Duke of Cornwall is said to be doing well and in good spirits at Birkhall, his 53,000-acre Highland estate in Scotland.

Via a statement, Charles attempted to soothe the nerves of a “worried populace”, promising that he’ll be able to “handle” a strict social barrier between him and the rest of the population.

His mother, Queen Elizabeth has already tasked The Queen’s Guard to deliver the palace’s computer to the highlands of Scotland, so Charles can “keep working”.

The real victim in this crisis is believed to be the staff of the nation’s hospitals, who will now be unable to drop everything in order to shake hands and force conversation with Britain’s longest-serving heir-in-waiting.

An unnamed foreign diplomat (with pronounced lobes) decried the turn of events, calling Charles’ diagnosis a “blow”, shaking his fist at the “irresponsible types” that “cut a hard-working man down”.



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