Recently unemployed eligible for $750 a week ‘job keeper’ payment

Scott Morrison has announced another stimulus package, awarding those who lost their job to COVID-19 a fortnightly payment over the next six months.



The Morrison government has announced a third stimulus package, headlined by the ‘JobKeeper’ payments, one that will give Australians who lost (or will lose) their jobs to COVID-19 $1,500 per fortnight for at least six months. Under the $130 billion plan, businesses will be given the wage subsidy to help pay their workers.

Full-time workers, part-time workers, sole traders, casual workers, not-for-profits and NZ workers on 444 visas will be eligible. The payment will be issued from May 1st and backdated to the date of the announcement.

Those who fit the criteria are to apply via the ATO’s JobKeeper page.

If an employee lost their job prior to March 1, they are still eligible for these payments. To be eligible, their payments will need to have fallen by 30% or more.


Scott Morrison emphasised people can not access both the Jobseeker and Jobkeeper payments.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged workers who have already been stood down to “ring up their employer”, but he emphasised people can not access both the Jobseeker and Jobkeeper payments.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg described the subsidy as more generous than similar measures in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

“Our wage subsidy scheme for Australia is unlike those of other nations,” he said.

“It is more generous to New Zealand’s scheme, it is broader than the United Kingdom’s scheme. Our scheme is uniquely Australian, with every eligible employee receiving the same wage subsidy.”




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