While the coronavirus has impacted how we do business, it doesn’t have to be terminal. Allow me to explain.



Yes, these are tough times, but having run businesses through two depressions and the Global Financial Crisis, I know they never last. 

However, when you compare the 100 per day (or 30,000 per year) that die from sudden cardiac arrest and the 23 people since COVID-19 began, it is not that huge. Yet, we can do something about how we as an individual and our businesses perform during these times. 

The ‘COVID Biz Virus’ is the fallout and repercussions to business due to the drop in some demand for certain services as well as the change in the way many businesses and consumers now exist.  

But the 4 Bs can protect you and your business right now. These are the exact same that I have lived by since I opened my first major business on the 23rd of August,1983. 



The first thing you need to do is have a positive mindset. That is not go sit in the corner meditate and think happy thoughts. In this case, it is a positive, go forward and create a momentum mindset. 

Only listen to what you need to protect yourself and no more. Don’t ‘ABSORB’ the negativity the press and social media are putting out. 

Look for opportunities to grow your business not just protect it. There will be areas where you can revamp it to service a new area, new clients with new needs. 

This will all boil down to your mindset. Are you looking to grow or just protect? 



EVERYTHING falls apart if your body does. If you aren’t performing at your optimum physically then you will not be able to cope with the stresses of this time. Many may feel that investing time and potentially money in their personal well being is a luxury. It’s not, it is a necessity. 

It helps you perform better, make better decisions and increases your immune system which would reduce the impact of COVID-19 should you come in contact with someone. 

It doesn’t take much to stay active and healthy. Just planning and commitment. 



Now more than ever your personal brand is a crucial part of your business and marketing. Currently, people are looking for strong leadership. 

People who stand out and can clearly articulate who they are, what they do, who they help and the outcomes they deliver will attract a disproportionate of quality people wanting to work with them.

A personal brand is not restricted to professionals or solopreneurs at the other end CEOs should develop their personal brand and those in full-time employment should have their own personal brand within an organisation. 

Or as I say, we should all develop our own personal enterprise. 



It is crucial now to be agile and be able to adapt to the everchanging environment as well as be quick to identify and capitalise on opportunities. 

In parallel with your Personal Brand your business should be viewed as unique and a leader in the market. It should not be “brown box” i.e. look and sound the same as other is your market yet could be exceptional when clients get to experience your service. 

In my programs and coaching I talk about developing your Authority DNA. That stands for:

Distinctive: Of distinction and quality. Noticeable: You need to be different and stand out. Attractive: Be specifically attractive to your market now.  I have a great client. We scripted and he filmed some great videos last week. With everything that is going on this week, they must be re-filmed with a different message.  You need to be attractive and current.

In these times, it is important to deliver more than just outstanding service.

To stand out, you need to go to the point of creating a super positive experience every step of the sales and onboarding procedure. 

When you make prospects and clients feel as if you are their “happy place”, you will create greater retention as well as referrals. 


People will be very cautious with their spending during times of uncertainly, therefore you must provide absolute clarity around what you provide, how it impacts their life or business and the outcomes you can deliver. 


People will be very cautious with their spending during times of uncertainly, therefore you must provide absolute clarity around what you provide, how it impacts their life or business and the outcomes you can deliver. 

Leadership and clarity are qualities that are desired by your prospects and clients and you need to display them now more than ever to be successful.

Take time out and enjoy this gift.

I encourage you to take the time out to look at how you can implement the above and enjoy/work through this gift. My “Corona Cuddle” for you, a little bit of professional love in this crazy time. 

Here is a link to get your copy of my book ‘EXCEED’, a guide on how to exceed your own professional and personal goals. Plus, I’ve included the workbook to help you implement the six principles in the book that have helped many people grow and survive.

Grab your free copy here.

There is nothing to buy and no upsells on these pages, just a gift.  



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