Because we’re not allowed to have anything, the people of science are now questioning our weekend sleep-ins. Just take the blood from our veins, you jackals.



Well, the working week is behind us, and the only thing left to do is look forward to hopefully stealing a sleep-in tomorrow morn. However, due to a collection of sticks in a funded pile of mud, our weekend snoozefests might not be doing you any good.

In fact, one study believes that the hours we steal on Saturday morning aren’t enough to offset the sleep deprivation our working week brings on.

In the study, a team took three groups of people and limited them to five hours of sleep each night or less. The kicker is that one group was allowed to try to catch up on their sleep on the weekend. The other, the control group was allowed to sleep as much as they like.

The scientists discovered that both groups on limited sleep gained weight, both deteriorated in metabolic health and snacked more in the wee hours.

The lead author of the paper told the BBC: “In the end, we didn’t see any benefit in any metabolic outcome in the people who got to sleep in on the weekend.”

So, the obvious lesson is to either sleep properly or don’t, but don’t play catch up.

That being said, a man called Malcolm von Schantz (excellent name, University of Surrey) believes you should try and sneak a moderate weekend recover snooze-in. He said, “…whilst I think we should urge everybody to work towards a regular schedule if they can, I don’t think we should tell people who don’t have that luxury that they mustn’t sleep in during the weekend.”

Confused? Me too. I’m going back to bed.



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