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About Chaim Lever

Chaim Lever is the CEO and co-founder of Four. He is passionate about retailers, customer service and payment technology. By completing his Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology, Psychology and Marketing, Chaim understands what consumers need in their shopping journey, and how to do it spending responsibly.

Why coming Four(th) can make you a winner  

Shopping in the modern market can be a challenge, but with Four, you know where you stand, and what we stand for.



Yes, it’s good to win, sometimes. Sometimes successful ideas are about innovation and being first to release a product. But sometimes coming first, the problem is, in your haste, you may miss something. 

Not having the time to take your time, do the correct testing, means that those that come behind you have the benefit of learning from your mistakes. 


Learning from the mistakes of others

Like the fable of the hare and the tortoise – while innovators are known to be and should be quick off the mark – it’s often those that take their time, plan their execution of the project, and take note of the little particulars – that wins the race. Particularly when you are in it for the long haul. 

When you look at some of the big pioneers of earlier innovative products and services, many of them have been overshadowed by their next-in-lines, and some no longer exist. Think Netscape, MySpace and Commodore computers. 

Looking at the ensuing generation of these technologies such as Google, Facebook and Apple show that they got right what the others did wrong. The main characteristics that have made the next generation better are simple: Focusing on the needs of customers, ensuring the end product was user-friendly and creating a product or service that was sustainable for growth and development. 


Keeping it simple

Everything today is at our fingertips and that includes our financial options. Finance companies are no longer appealing with their tireless amounts of paperwork and hoops to jump through. This generation wants convenience and simplicity. We are smarter with technology and we demand great customer experience. 

Four has entered into the Buy Now, Pay Later space of credit lines for the things we want. Despite its rivals, it’s been picked up as a truly reputable competitor in the space. It’s good for the consumer and the retailers

As I mentioned on Linkedin, with installment payments, brands can lower the barrier to making a purchase without relying on discounting. This format is particularly appealing to young consumers who may not be able to afford upfront the fashion brands they aspire to buy but are wary of credit cards.


Focus on Four

The Buy Now, Pay Later space has huge potential for growth. While Four isn’t reinventing the wheel, they are taking the great idea that came before them and putting their own spin on it.  Their focus is to continue to provide more value and decrease barriers to using or offering the Buy Now, Pay later option.

Four also have an advantage of knowing what their predecessors did wrong, and as customers are now educated in this type of credit line, the timing is right for competition in the space. 

Like their rivals, their signup is simple – it’s done at checkout. They take a quarter of the product price at checkout, then three equal fortnightly installments follow. One major difference is that you can make payments early if you choose, and late payment fees are less than many of the competing services. 

If getting a mention in Vogue Business is anything to go by, watch this space.




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