The ‘compression carpet’ machine will give you love and not judge (but we will)

Officially known as the ‘Compression Carpet’, one American artist has created a machine that automates hugs.



Look at this thing. Just look at it. This is what our species boils down to.



Labelled the ‘Compression Carpet’ by its creator, it looks to give average America what they seek, but are oft-denied: connection.

Lucy McRae, the inventor of the device (who is also a science fiction artist and body architect), uses her art to examine a statement she makes on her website claiming, “We are going to have a revolution of what it means to be human.”

As Big Think espoused, as “we move toward a touch crisis in which we’re inundated with technology to the detriment of our mental well-being, McRae says that the Compression Carpet and its sister creation, the Compression Cradle, question whether technology will vie for our affection because of our obsession with the digital.”

The machine apparently simulates a hug given to another. Those subject to the treatment purportedly wandered off with “a glazed look in their eyes,” according to McRae.

It’s apparently important, as a new study found that nearly half of Americans lack daily meaningful interpersonal interactions with a friend or family member. In the same dataset, 43% said that they have weak relationships and experience feelings of isolation, and 18% claim that they feel there is no one that they can talk to. The New York Times echoed the same sentiment, pointing to the substantial evidence that links loneliness to physical illness along with functional and cognitive decline.

So, come here, you…fall into the embrace of this weird couch…thing.





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