“Lock her up”: Armed protestors in Michigan picket governor over social distancing laws

Social distancing has given way to Social Darwinism in Michigan, as Confederate flag-waving demonstrators endeavour to arrest that state’s governor. 



Perhaps proving that trickle-down stupidity will be taught in Universities over the next century, those opposed to Michigan’s social-distancing laws have trudged up the steps of that state’s Capitol building with guns in tow, seeking to ‘lock-up’ the state’s governor who asked them to stay inside.

According to NBC News, “Michiganders won’t be allowed to travel to in-state vacation residences. They are not permitted to use a motorboat. Business restrictions have been tightened, including that large stores must close areas ‘dedicated to carpeting, flooring, furniture, garden centres, plant nurseries, or paint,’ among other measures. Violators could be fined or charged with a misdemeanour, though the practicality of strict enforcement was unclear.”

So far, so fair enough. One could argue that they’re rather loose compared to measures worldwide.

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmore addressed the media on Monday, stating that “…there’s nobody who’d rather be able to push a button and just return to life as normal…but no button exists in this environment.”

Today’s protest (dubbed “Operation Gridlock”) authored by the Michigan Conservative Coalition and the Michigan Freedom Fund, encouraged citizens to show up and cause traffic jams, honk and bring signs to display from their cars.

The organisers wrote on Facebook: “Do not park and walk — stay in your vehicles!”

Yea, many decided not to do that and left their cars waving “Don’t Tread on Me” flags whilst wearing conspicuous red hats.  According to NBS News, at least two Confederate flags were spotted in the crowd. It also gave us the below image, of which internet commenter Carrick Ryan noted that it “feels like it’s a still from the horror movie we’re all stuck in.”


‘Dawn of the Braindead” (2020) – D. Trump


Horrifically, a chorus of “lock her up” was chanted by the demonstrators. Marian Sheridan (co-founder of the Michigan Conservative Coalition) said in a statement that “…citizens are frankly tired of being treated like babies. As adults, we now know what needs to be done to stay safe.”

The United States now leads the world in registered cases (above 630,000) and deaths from the disease, with the official number almost reaching 30,000 at the time of writing.

For what its worth, the aforementioned protest page did exhibit some fist-shaking against those knocking the door, with one user proclaiming: “Now we are going to be portrayed as far-right extremist (sic). Thanks allot (sic) jerks…Stay in your dam car and put the freaking rifles away…You’re going to ruin this for everyone!”

On behalf of the rest of the planet, yep.





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