24 hours after purchasing oil from the US for emergency purposes, the Federal Government will do the same with the air we breathe.



A day after announcing the purchase of oil reserves from the US, the Federal Government is expected to announce the $80 million acquisition of fresh air for ‘future emergencies caused by natural and economic disruptions.’

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor said that it was important the government take advantage of historically low air pollution levels bought about by the COVID-19 led, global shutdown and build a ‘strategic fresh air reserve’ for Quiet Australians and those impacted by the drought.

‘Unlike our oil reserves that need storing in the US, air reserves can be stored on my land in Goulburn, NSW’, noted Taylor but assured the public that ‘mates rates’ would apply to any storage fees.

The fresh air strategic reserve, which will be stored in Goulburn, NSW, will apparently be administered by the Angus Taylor Family Trust, and will be deployed at times of crisis such as corporate failures and political scandal.





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