In these uncertain times, teachers and parents are searching for the best way to navigate remote education. At Education Perfect, we are an important piece in the technology puzzle.  



Many parents and students are currently facing the challenge of learning from home. As educators are thrust into the world of online learning, many for the first time, it can be an overwhelming experience for both teachers and students to navigate the vast amount of online tools available. 

It is timely, then, to analyse various online tools and decide to what extent we integrate them into our teaching practices. 

In April 2020, Education Perfect (EP), in conjunction with Pivot Professional Learning, surveyed 3,500 teachers and school leaders across Australia and New Zealand to seek out how schools are adjusting to this new environment.


Primary online learning tools used in schools

Many schools have pre-existing relationships with Google and Microsoft, and have turned to online tools (like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams) as their primary technology to facilitate learning. Video collaboration tools, like Zoom, are also gaining popularity in schools.


What is most important for teachers? 

The relationship between teacher, parent and student is hugely important, especially now. 

In order to help parents feel informed and prepared to support their child’s learning from home, it’s imperative they have direction and data about how their child is progressing, and what gaps might need to be filled. 

Today, many parents are teaching and filling out workbooks at home. There is no cohesive view, parents don’t know whether they’re doing it properly, and there is a risk that kids will become disengaged. Meanwhile, the teachers don’t have the kind of transparency they need to monitor student progress. 



Surveyed teachers and school leaders indicated a number of areas that they viewed as critical for high-quality online instruction – illustrating the need for a high-quality technology platform. It must provide the right online resources, tools and data to deliver learning engagement and outcomes. 


A need for a holistic approach

The survey also showed that each technology had key strengths and weaknesses in terms of features for online teaching and learning and different confidence ratings on the ability to support teaching, learning and communication online. 

Teachers and school leaders in the survey were asked whether their primary technology solution provides actionable student data:

Teachers and school leaders in the survey were also asked whether their primary technology solution engages with students on a daily basis:  

What is clear is that it’s not one-size-fits-all, with schools leveraging between 2-5 technologies at one time. The risk is that schools have not invested in the right set of technologies.

The study shows that teachers and leaders’ biggest concerns with the shift to distance education are the disruption of their social connection with students and a decrease in instructional effectiveness. 

Teachers’ biggest concerns for their students were a decrease in student wellbeing and learning loss. 

Principals’ biggest concerns were meeting the needs of all students, managing parent expectations and being able to assess the efficacy of instruction. 


The missing piece of the puzzle

The technology puzzle is difficult to solve for schools, but we feel there is a standout online tool that boosts value where it is most needed; Education Perfect

Ask any parent – getting students through the daily grind is not easy. Developed as a tool to aid learning in the classroom during normal times, Education Perfect’s platform holds students accountable for their own learning. 

When EP is integrated into a teacher’s practice, working in harmony alongside the teacher, you can change what is achievable. EP is an online learning tool and works in both a classroom or remote setting.



As shown above, EP enhances the value of both the widely adopted Learning Management System and Communication Platforms.  

For students, the platform illustrates the importance of differentiation, allowing students to follow their own pathway based on their learning needs. The interactive lessons keep students engaged, supported and challenged. EP aims to create fun, engaging, interactive lessons that scaffold a student’s learning. 

For teachers, it provides a one-stop-shop for lesson planning, setting formative and summative assessments, auto-marking, tracking student progress, direct messaging, and differentiated learning. EP frees up their time to focus more on students, as well as on their own wellbeing. 

EP is all about connecting our community of educators, students and families. It’s a challenging time for everyone, but our powerful platform can ease teacher workload, empower students and inform families. And we reckon that’s an important part of the puzzle.



The Education Perfect team


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