Pitching to win in 2020: How to secure start-up investment in extraordinary times

In these extraordinary times, securing investment is harder than ever. A new white paper is offering much-needed advice.



Can Start-Ups Pitch Effectively in 2020? has revealed the best ways to avoid the all-too-common pitfalls associated with seeking out venture capital investment for start-ups.

In this new white paper, Darren Woolley offers a roadmap to secure investment in these extraordinary times. Woolley explains how to find the right audience, how to prepare for any outcome, outlines the factors affecting potential investors’ decision-making, and how to evolve the way you pitch.

The document was released by Woolley’s global marketing consultancy, TrinityP3, in an effort to help aspiring founders create winning pitch-decks.

“The perfect pitch is the sum of many parts,” Woolley says. “Only through careful preparation, adapting quickly to unexpected circumstances… and your ability to answer the big questions investors will ask, will you secure the investment you are seeking.”

The document breaks down the pitching process into the key components and outlines the key questions investors will ask.

“You need to be able to answer the following questions,” Woolley writes. “What is it that makes you different from your competitors? How does your company make money? What will investors’ ROI be?”

The paper also looks into how Facebook, Uber and Airbnb were originally pitched – providing a deep dive into what worked, and what didn’t.

“What I’m looking for are the elements in the deck that indicate a positive pitch and those that would detract from the pitch,” Woolley said.

The white paper also addresses the impact COVID-19 has had on business, and how this has influenced the mindset of potential investors.  

“It all comes down to understanding how the human mind works in decision-making situations, and being diligent enough to do your homework, not just in and around your market, but on the investors themselves.”

You can download the white paper here.



Darren Woolley is the Founder and Global CEO of TrinityP3, a global marketing consultancy. TrinityP3 believes that to solve complex challenges requires evidence-based thinking combined with design-focused creativity. They challenge their clients, and themselves, to continuously evolve in thought and approach, to develop innovative solutions that result in competitive advantage.







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