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In conversation with The Enterprise Podcast Network, Lee Featherby explained how his company, PowerfulPoints, is leading the way in delivering effective, concise, targeted messaging.



Lee Featherby, Chief Executive Officer at PowerfulPoints spoke to host Eric Dye at the Enterprise Podcast Network about how this visual communication specialist company is revolutionising the way businesses give and receive presentations. The show is one which features some of the leading and emerging business identities in the world today.

In the latest instalment, the focus was on making solid, effective presentations, and how to avoid the traps that many in business make. Host Eric Dye started off the conversation by asking Lee Featherby what he saw as the key factors which make a good, effective presentation. 

For Lee, that key factor is messaging.

 “When we speak to people about where they learnt to give presentations, they usually say they learnt it from their boss, or they learnt it at school,” Lee said. “Very few of them might have done a course.

“Bad habits get perpetuated. Nobody is taught how to put a presentation together, which is distinct from the software.

“A lot of people get PowerPoint, and then they think that they can create presentations, and that’s like saying if you learn Word you can be a good writer.

“There’s a distinction between knowing how to use the software and knowing how to create an effective presentation.

“While good looking slides are important, what’s critical is to ensure your message is correct.

When host Eric Dye asked Lee what the most obvious differences between a good, effective presentation and one which won’t effectively engage an audience were, Lee’s answer was simple. 

“Too much text on the slide, and the speaker just reads that text off the slide…which is what you have to do when you have too much text on the slide.”

Lee pointed out the things that most people fail to understand when they put on a presentation.

“A presentation needs to understand that both the elements – speaker and the slides – need to work together. It’s not the preponderance of one over the other.

“If people start to look at their slides and say, ‘is that delivering a key message?’, usually that’ll get rid of about 30% of the slides are there for no real reason. People think they need to put the material together…because they don’t have any guidelines about what they need to create a slide for.”

The speaker’s job, per Lee, is to provide context, meaning and emotional engagement.


To Lee, it’s important that presenters keep in mind what the audience needs to know, rather than just focussing on what the presenter wants to tell them.


The interview went on to address what Lee had found as the most effective methods or techniques people need to employ when giving a presentation, which he identified as being set aside enough time to think about and work on a presentation.

“What you need to do first is say, ‘What do I need people to think, do and feel by the end of this presentation?’. ‘What’s my presentation objective?’ 

“Like business and life in general, it’s going to be far more effective if you know what the outcome is.”

To Lee, it’s important that presenters keep in mind what the audience needs to know, rather than just focussing on what the presenter wants to tell them.

When discussing what some of the more common mistakes people make when presenting their ideas to groups, Lee was quick to point out that it comes down to the ‘why’ of presentations: why does the audience need to know this, why is the presenter telling them this?

“The ‘why’ makes all the difference,” he said. “If anyone’s ever gone on a diet … there’s not a lack of knowledge about what they need to do.

“Knowing stuff makes no difference. The thing that makes the single biggest change in the world is the ‘why’. You need to give people a reason to change.”

“Focus on the why of your presentations. Without that, it’s going to be very difficult to get people to change.”

In wrapping up the interview, host Eric Dye asked Lee how easy is it for people to fix these errors, and what they can do to bring this about; Lee had some simple solutions to follow.

“The first thing is awareness,” he said.

“Just really think about it and don’t get stuck in the old way of doing things.

“Think outside the box. Sometimes a PowerPoint presentation is the best way to achieve your objective. Is there another way to do it?”

The interview can be heard in full here.

PowerfulPoints creates presentations, videos, motion graphics and other digital media to make sure you get your message across, that you get heard. Visit them at https://powerfulpoints.com.au/



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