Hotel guests in Sydney CBD alerted to positive COVID test

Last night, guests of Sydney’s QT Hotel were informed that someone checked in after testing positive to the virus.



Late last night, guests of a hotel in Sydney’s CBD were alerted that someone on the premises had tested positive to COVID-19.

According to a guest of the QT Sydney Hotel, the front desk rang his room at 10:30 pm Monday night and said that “a woman had been picked up by NSW Health workers because she had tested positive to a coronavirus test.”

“We asked them if we were going to have to stay at the hotel for an extended period of time. They said they didn’t know. So we took the opportunity to leave and isolate at home and get a test done ourselves,” the guest noted.

Apparently, the guest had the test earlier in the day and had checked into the hotel. “They basically said that they would update us with any other news and that their cleaning efforts had increased as a result,” the guest said.

How long the individual remained in the hotel is not known, as is what hotel did with employees or guests that came in contact with the woman, or why they freely allowed guests to leave.

The eyewitness observed that the hotel was “operating like normal” when he left with his partner under an hour later. As of 2pm Tuesday, the hotel is still taking reservations normally. According to our source, the hotel is yet to contact him. “We had to call NSW health for advice,” he said.

NSW Health was unable to confirm whether that positive test was one of those already counted, and was unable to comment on individual cases.

No official comment has been made so far.

On Monday, the coronavirus cluster at Casula’s Crossroads Hotel grew to nine, with health administrators asking everyone who walked through the doors of the establishment to self-isolate.

The New South Wales chief health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, said that all visitors and staff should be tested as a precaution and self-isolate for 14 days from their last visit. “A negative result does not mean you can breach self-isolation,” she warned.


The Big Smoke has reached out to the QT Hotel for comment.



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