Critics of the Andrews government have evoked the figure of Ned Kelly, a figure of resistance, who would never ever wear a mask.



Several hundred anti-mask protestors descended on Glenrowan in rural Victoria yesterday to protest the Andrews Government’s new mask laws.

The new laws require Melbournians and Victorians who live in the Mitchell Shire to wear face-covering when leaving their homes.

The anti-maskers disregarded social distancing rules to protest what they consider to be an overreaction by the Victorian Government to a ‘Coronavirus conspiracy’.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the pandemic is a myth, perpetrated by Bill Gates in his attempt to microchip the human race through vaccinations so that it can be controlled via 5G towers.

‘Bushrangers like that Ned Kelly bloke had the right idea’, said one balaclava-clad protestor wanting to remain anonymous. The protestor also noted that you wouldn’t ‘catch Ned Kelly dead wearing a face mask’. He then called for his fellow protestors to do what ‘Ned would do’.

Several protestors were arrested after a scuffle broke out with Police who were attempting to protect the six-metre statue that commemorates Ned Kelly at the scene of the Kelly Gang’s last siege in Glenrowan.

It is unclear if the protestors attacked the statue because Kelly’s face was covered or whether they mistook the statue for a 5G tower.





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