As times get tougher, many are looking for a way to overcome adversity. In my new book, I outline how we can each make a personal investment in our future. 



Everyone has their own way to process and react to things around them. High performers set their own so that they are continually operating at a high level, while most people operate reactively and by default not by design and are continually underperforming.

My story is one of overcoming great adversity to achieve my goals. I was born with bent legs, and despite not having represented my school in athletics, I set myself the goal to win my high school championship. I did that, then progressed through to state finals, and two years later became Australia’s youngest ever professional track champion. 

The story of triumph against the adversity in my own body continued after that point. While training for the Olympics, I crushed three discs in my back, but again I used a set of key principles to overcoming the physical and mental adversity and went on to set up a successful health club and two international franchises. I’ve since built several multi-national businesses of my own, including inventing an environmental product which sold four million units in 26 countries. 

In between gigs as a Sydney-based professional, executive and small business coach, I want people to optimise their own performance through the creation of their own personal operating system.


Olympic-level success in any field

Success is something that can be taught, and much of it comes down to having the right mindset, as well as the right tools to make your ambitions a reality. The book that I’ve written, Your Personal Enterprise, makes it possible for the first time for readers to have the chance to discover how to combine mindset, personal performance, and business growth strategies. 

Now is a time when workers are looking for job security, contractors are looking for the edge to get the next job, pressure on CEOs and business executives is increasing and entrepreneurs and business owners know that competition for the consumer dollar is at an all-time high. Most people are just existing and living through reaction and have not created their own personal operating system. It’s not working for many of them, if not most of them. But that’s a result of most of them not knowing the right way to go about it.

People, no matter what they do for a living, what their ambitions are, or where they are right now in their lives, can create a personal operating system of their own.

In short, I take the reader through a process to create their high-performance operating system using tools like ‘Momentum Goals’ and ‘The Slingshot Effect’ that they can continually achieve and exceed tasks and goals. People can build their own personal enterprise – be they a solopreneur or a CEO, to excel they should conduct themselves as their own personal enterprise. 


The world is ready for a new approach

The recent upheaval of working conditions and arrangements has, I believe, accelerated the need for the insights I’m bringing to the book. People are getting up and letting the negativity of the world determine how they feel and how they perform. High achievers, ultra-successful business and sportspeople have created the successful way they operate. But it is possible for people – no matter what circumstance they’re in, what industry they work in, or what their backgrounds are, to live by design, not default.

It’s a simple enough approach, and it amazes me to this day that these principles have not previously been communicated to the employment and business sector in such a way.

As with my previous books, the writing I do here isn’t done simply to be read; I also provide video training and worksheets for readers to get results, not an education. Giving people the tools to start taking back control and to live life on their terms is a gift, which for me is a pleasure to be able to pass on.




The book can be found here.




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