Due to the data collated by Weetabix, what you eat for breakfast defines your personality. Peanut butter, for instance.



According to “research” carried out by Weetabix in the United Kingdom, what you eat for breakfast speaks volumes about your personality, supposedly determining your capacity to earn money, how much of a party animal you are or even if you’re good in bed.

The cereal brand (not to be confused with Weet-bix) surveyed 2,000 Brits regarding their personality traits as well as their go-to choice of breakfast.

The survey found that those who opt to eat peanut butter each morning are the most passionate lovers. If you reach for Marmite instead, however, you’re probably well-read. Those who reach for a banana are the “most stressed” while those who prefer cereal in the mornings believe themselves to be trustworthy.

Those who enjoy pain-au-chocolat for breakfast tend to identify themselves as a “bohemian” (someone who lives an unconventional lifestyle in the company of like-minded people with few permanent ties). French toast lovers think of themselves as party animals, and those who like to fix themselves yoghurt and berries were found to be the most emotional.

What if you are the type of person to skip breakfast altogether? Well, you’re probably an introvert—unless you replace breakfast with a cup of tea, then you’re probably earning upwards of £100,000 a year (approx. $AUD180,000). A quarter of Brits admitted they tend to skip breakfast, 42% of which citing that they don’t have time in the morning.

Rebecca Scritchfield, a dietitian, exercise physiologist and author of “Body Kindness” has something to say to those who opt to skip breakfast.

Below, TBS Publisher Alexandra Tselios discusses the study:


“Morning nourishment is key to raise your energy, creativity and focus,” she says. “You’ve been fasting while your body has been busy rebuilding and repairing during sleep.”

She added that preparing ingredients ahead of time can make morning meals much easier.

“Trendy breakfast options like hummus toast are as easy as they are delicious. Set aside your favourite bread, hummus, vegetables and fruit the night before. Then just build your hummus toast with one spoon per slice and layer the toppings of your choice, before running out to start the day.”

A similar study was carried out by OnePoll in conjunction with Sabra on 2,000 Americans, examining the overall eating habits, preferences, and behaviours of the respondents. They found that a savoury-breakfast (e.g. eggs on toast) eater is more likely to own their own home, prefer cats over dogs and make more money, while a sweet-breakfast (e.g. waffles and ice cream) eater is more likely to be an early riser, watch romance, comedy and action movies and crash exactly 53 minutes earlier at work than savoury-breakfast eaters.

While the results of these kinds of “studies” are unlikely to ring true outside of the flawed confines of surveys, 42% of respondents to Weetabix’s survey admitted to judging others based on what they eat for breakfast. So, if you are to glean anything from such research, know that what you eat will make up some people’s perception of you, even if it is false.




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