Over in New Zealand, a depressed cow was reunited with his pal Peaches, a therapy goat that was stolen right out of their paddock.



Over in New Zealand, a depressed cow has finally been reunited with his beloved therapy goat who was brazenly stolen from the paddock they shared. The goat in question, Peaches, was located after an investigation inspired by midday television.

The cow, Bunter is one of the animal residents at a hotel and found the death of his cousin (another cow) rather difficult. So, Joe, his human owner/hotel manager decided to find Bunter a therapy pal.

“After Rosie passed away, Bunter got really depressed and we heard that goats were good therapy, and there was a lady who was willing to gift Peaches to us,” Robin told Newshub NZ. “As soon as Peaches arrived in the paddock, Bunter was a different cow, running around everywhere.”

However, Peaches disappeared from the paddock in mid-December, with Joe suspecting foul-play, due to Peaches fence being cleaved in twain.



What followed was an agrarian pastiche of The Fugitive, as the community began to ruminate on what happened to this ruminant. Robin (Joe’s wife) eventually spotted a particularly anxious goat standing awkwardly in a property next door.

“We watch a lot of CI (Crime + Investigation), so we did our own investigating,” said Robin.

Sure enough, it was Peaches.

Since the owners of the property later told police that they had bought Peaches at a market, no further legal action is being taken on the matter; although the rescued goat was given an official police escort back to her home at Maungaturoto Hotel.

“Now that Peaches is back, Bunter is overjoyed. They’ve been trying to share a kennel together but they don’t fit in,” Robin told Stuff NZ. “Peaches really does provide a ‘therapy’ for Bunter through her companionship. I’m so glad they are back together.”

Which is bloody lovely. But who cut the fence? If we’re throwing around accusations, I suspect Joe. As the owner of a hotel, the wave of free advertisement would be a real boon. Especially if the goat got home safely.





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