Over in Massachusetts, criminals are apparently breaking into peoples houses so they can clean it free of charge. Who says crime doesn’t pay?



There’s a cherished Wicks family anecdote that retells the story of our Uncle Reg, who was as nervous as he was forgetful, who had his flat broken into back in the Summer of 1983. But Reg, as the story goes, was less worried about his missing contents, and was far more worried about not flushing the toilet before he left that morning; as he apparently left contents in his bowl, forever lamenting as to what the home-invader must have thought of him.

So, Reg came home to a clean toilet and a forever muddied standing in the criminal community. Vale Stinky Reg.

Flash forward to recently, when a man from Massachusetts returned home from work only to discover that he had his property had been broken into…..and gave it a thorough clean. Nothing was missing from the apartment in question, save for the wretched piles of filth the tenant had collected.

Per CBS News, “Nate Roman told CBS News he first noticed something was off when he smelled cleaning chemicals and saw a door closed that was normally open. “That freaked me out,” the Marlborough man said of the May 15 incident. “I went into protective parent mode when I saw that my son’s room had been cleaned and called the police.”

He later wrote about his experience in a Facebook post. Mr Roman also noted that that the visitor “made the beds, vacuumed his rugs and scrubbed the toilets.”

Clearly a true professional, the mysterious stranger even folded the toilet paper into roses as a final flourish.

So, did they leave their card or what?




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