Gladys Berejiklian has extraordinarily revived Sydney’s nightlife to pre-COVID levels, outlawing any sort of fun at a social event.



In what has been called “Freedom Day”, COVID restrictions will soon lift, edging the state another step closer to normal before the festive season.

The changes come into effect only days after the diagnosis of a Sydney hotel quarantine worker threatened the state’s progress as it notched up 26 days without a locally transmitted virus case.

Nevertheless, the NSW government has proceeded with the changed restrictions, with Premier Gladys Berejiklian announcing that there will be ‘no standing, no dancing, no singing and no mingling’ at social gatherings as of Wednesday.

The lifting of lockdown requirements means New South Welshpeople (Sydneysiders in particular) can return to more familiar, pre-COVID times, where any hint of nightlife including dining and live music is over and done by 6 pm.

The NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services, David Elliott, welcomed the announcement and noted that this “was a great time” to be from New South Wales, given that Victorians were banned from visiting the state.

Premier Berejiklian urged Sydneysiders to enjoy the peace and quiet as state borders would not remain shut forever. “They (the Victorians) will come back one day,” noted Berejiklian and warned that this would put a strain on local businesses to cater for “ungodly acts, such as eating dinner and attending live music.”

Berejiklian was quick to note the limitations of the new rules, suggestive that the lifting of restrictions does not apply to NSW sporting events given they are “unlikely to attract a crowd of any significance.”




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