According to the partner of Tanya Roberts, the actor is still very much alive, despite the fact he confirmed her death the day before.



Overnight, the world lost Tanya Roberts, the actor famous for A View to a Kill, That 70’s Show, and now, for not actually being dead. According to early headlines, Roberts shuffled loose from the mortal coil, both in the real world and on Wikipedia, primarily to due to a press release issued by her representative, Mike Pingel.

The actor has been in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles since collapsing at home on Christmas Eve.

As TMZ has reported: “Her domestic partner, Lance (O’Brien), was at the hospital Sunday when he saw Tanya’s eyes close. For some reason, he says he thought she was dead so he left, devastated. Pingel does not know if Lance spoke to any medical staff before leaving and Lance isn’t answering his phone now for clarification. Pingel did tell us, he picked Lance up from the hospital and he said, ‘She died in my arms.'”

Per the publication, Lance later received a call from medical staff, informing him that she was still alive. In the interim, per TMZ, Lance apparently told numerous family members about Roberts’ passing. Since, Roberts’ representative has confirmed that the actor is still alive, but remains in a ‘poor condition’.

The Associated Press has since removed the obituary, and offered an apology.

Alongside her role opposite 007, Roberts also appeared in such fantasy adventure films as The Beastmaster and Hearts and Armour. She replaced Shelley Hack in Charlie’s Angels, joining Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd as third Angel, Julie. She also played comic book heroine Sheena — a female version of the Tarzan story — in a 1984 film.

Sheezus. Go easy, 2021.





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