As Victoria readies itself for the vaccine, the anti-vaxxers have decided to annoy their elected officials with a wave of spurious emails.



As the nation readies itself for a collective jab, an endeavouring few have decided to bombard the Victorian government with heavy doses of pseudoscience and faux-legal mumbo-jumbo; all in an effort to stop the rollout of the vaccine, or public health measures, or something.

Gizmodo noted that “Online activist group Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) is encouraging its followers to send hundreds of emails that they incorrectly believe will force politicians to oppose extending Victoria’s current state of emergency period (which mandates the wearing of masks and hotel quarantine and ends on March 15 – Ed) RDA, led by Monica Smit, opposes vaccines, lockdowns, masks, COVID-19 testing and has even branched out into arguing against a gay conversion therapy ban — all based on conspiracy theories and misinformation. The group campaigns online to its tens of thousands of followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram, and by staging in-person protests — often breaking public health orders in the process — that it films and post online.”

However, this group is not a handful of agitators, as their Facebook page has gained more than a million likes in the last six months. Interestingly (or perhaps fittingly), the page avoided the recent swing of Zuckerberg’s ban hammer.

The group also claims that it has 5,000 actual people actually willing to operate outside the boundaries of the internet, promising some sort of ‘political action’.

As Gizmodo noted, “Smit has links to conservative MPs, as reported by the Guardian’s Anne Davies, and also to the anti-Dan Andrews online group that was linked to the Victorian Liberals. In emails signed by Smit, the group sells merchandise and seeks recurring donations.”

Smit has asked followers to send their elected officials a ‘My Will’ letter, which is an important document in the conspiracy theory underworld, one based on the thoughts of an Australia politician, Arthur Chresby. Chresby contended that MPs must comply with the demands of their constituents, provided that they’re asked in a particular fashion, much like the Godfather must accept any request on their daughter’s wedding day. There’s a slight problem with Chresby’s ploy, however, in that it is absolute bull twang.

For the seventh consecutive day, Victoria has returned zero cases, with the state preparing to distribute both the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines. According to Victoria’s Health Minister, Martin Foley, the state’s effort to vaccinate frontline workers and other key groups had started well.

“I’m confident we will continue to meet all of the goals that the commonwealth has provided,” Mr Foley said.




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