On Friday, Scott Morrison will meet Brittany Higgins. However, there’s a long-standing question that remains unanswered. 



CW: The following piece discusses sexual assault

Brittany Higgins is set to meet both Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese this week, more than two months since disclosing her alleged sexual assault in Parliament House.

As Fairfax reported, “Ms Higgins will bring a series of proposals, including changes to the Members of Parliament Staff (MOPS) Act under which political staffers are employed to make it harder for political staffers to be arbitrarily fired.”

As James Massola of The Sydney Morning Herald pointed out, “Mr Morrison first offered to meet Ms Higgins during an interview with Tracy Grimshaw on Nine’s A Current Affair on March 25. While Ms Higgins initially requested a meeting in Parliament House office, the meeting will take place in Sydney. The Prime Minister’s office offered to pay for Ms Higgins’ flights but she is paying her own way.”

Officially, the narrative swirls around Scott Morrison not knowing about the event until Higgins went public. However, on March 26, Scott Morrison gave an interview where he stated that when Brittany Higgins expressed her intention to resign from the office of Michaelia Cash in January 2021, she was offered the opportunity to speak with him before her allegations of rape by a senior staffer in Parliament House were aired in the media.

“At the time just before she departed she was offered the opportunity to come and speak with me with Minister Cash,” he says.

The Higgins story broke on February 15. Morrison has steadfastly denied that he knew anything about the alleged rape of Ms Higgins until that day. Ms Higgins left Cash’s office on February 5, ten days before the story broke.

Hang on.

Why would the Prime Minister offer to meet with Ms Higgins prior to her departure from Cash’s office, if, as he has maintained for the last two months and stated several times in Parliament, he knew nothing about the alleged rape until it was aired in the media?



Facing intense questioning on the involvement of his department and himself, Morrison instructed Secretary Phil Gaetjens to conduct an inquiry into when the PMO knew about the alleged rape, and who had been informed. This inquiry has since been halted, though Morrison did not notify Parliament of its cessation, leading the House to believe it was still underway.

Senator Cash has denied that she knew the “full details” of the allegations until Ms Higgins indicated her intention to resign at the end of January.

Why would Cash consider accompanying Ms Higgins to a proposed meeting with the Prime Minister if Cash believed Morrison knew nothing about the alleged rape and indeed, had only just found out herself?

Ms Higgins, by the way, says she was never informed of this invitation from the Prime Minister.

It’s not clear if Cash was ever informed, either.

Morrison has gone to extraordinary lengths to convince Parliament and the general public that he was ignorant of the rape allegations until the story appeared in the media on February 15. He claims his office was unaware until February 12.

If the Prime Minister didn’t know, why would he extend an offer to meet with Ms Higgins in January?

If the Prime Minister did know, he’s been lying to Parliament and the public. As they’re set to meet this week, can someone raise the question?




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