As someone who experienced more than a hundred days of lockdown, I find the BBQ-related odyssey of Sydney’s latest COVID case hard to fathom. 



As someone who has endured 100+ days of lockdown in the southern capital, it always amazes me just how active those new ‘cases’ are who have their activities mentioned online and in the news, for the purpose of contact tracing. It’s very useful information, granted, but it’s been baffling, puzzling these past 12 months to see just how active some people are. Perhaps it’s a symptom of COVID? Once the thing is inside you, it goes to work on your lungs and then somehow compels you to visit seventeen different shops and bars.

Case in point: in NSW there is a new locally acquired COVID case making the news, which is of (standard) concern, and hopefully contact tracing will be swift and no further spread will occur. If it does, the responsibility will be allocated to ‘luck’ and ‘chance’ thanks to The Woman Who Saved Australia; if it was in a Labor state, it’d be the premier’s fault, and the words ‘bungled’ and ‘disastrous’ would be used in relation to hotel quarantine.

But this one’s in NSW. And old mate who has tested positive had himself a bit of a busy weekend.



A fan of grilled meats it would seem, this man in his 50s has made a journey over the two days of last weekend from Silverwater, to Annandale, Casula, Mascot, and then Bondi Junction. Why? Because he was in the market for a new BBQ. 

He’s started on Saturday at Joe’s Barbecues and Heating. Rather than let his fingers do the walking, he drives to Tucker Barbecues in Silverwater. Henceforth to Barbecues Galore in Annandale, then the same brand in Casula, before refueling at the BP in Mascot. The next day, one presumes because the Casula store had the appliance he was seeking, he heads off to Bondi Junction’s Oxford Street ‘Meat Store’ on Sunday (when I lived in Sydney, “Oxford Street Meat Store” had an entirely different meaning).

He’s traversed roughly 100kms in a weekend. 

For what it’s worth, when the second lockdown in Melbourne lifted last November, I walked 1500m to my local, but couldn’t get in a cheeky pint because I hadn’t booked. So…I went home. Spared any potential contact tracers a mess of work, there.

Anyhow, it’s eye-opening to see the lengths some will go to for the right kind of barbie; just to see what I guess “busy people” do with their days off. All this amid a week the PM has pronounced ‘Beef Week’, promising more money to help increase biosecurity management. Additionally, here in the Garden State, supposed Opposition leader Michael O’Brien has done his daily yelling into the void, telling one local council via a sparsely-attended press conference, that they can pry his BBQ tongs from his “cold dead hands”, because of their plans to phase out public gas BBQs.



Related: Michael O’Brien has a job approval rating of 15%.

Here endeth the day’s lesson in the high steaks of Australian Politics, circa 2021.




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