Faced with a two-week stay in hotel quarantine, a family got creative and created Bagasaurus, which is apparently a placid beast that likes people.



Sensationally, a new species of dinosaur was recently discovered in a hotel room in Perth, Australia. While most dinosaur specimens date back to the Mesozoic Era, the “Bagasaurus” is entirely the product of the great mass extinction event of our time (so far), the Age of COVID.

Carly Catalano recently moved to Australia with her partner, Sam, and their 3-year-old daughter Florence from Canada. But doing so during the pandemic, their entry would be accompanied by a mandatory 14-day stay in hotel-room quarantine.

Faced with a confined space patrolled by a bored toddler, Florence’s parents came up with a novel idea. Why don’t we just become God for two weeks? I mean, well, not God God. But Dinosaur God, something like a Travelodge Steven Spielberg.

Armed with the most ubiquitous accessory of the pandemic (the brown food delivery paper bag), containers, some disposable cutlery, an ironing board, and a few other miscellaneous items, the family began construction of their own temporary piece of paleontology.

According to those who have studied it, the Bagasaurus stands 1.5 meters tall, adores little girls who dress up in matching paper-bag-scaled outfits, and is an herbivore—or would be if it actually ate the home-grown sprouts Florence offers her papier-mâché pet on a regular basis.

“We’ve been growing wheatgrass,” Carly explained in an interview with CBC Radio West. “So she’s been wanting to… feed the dinosaur wheatgrass—as well as eat most of it herself.”

In addition to its other commendable qualities, while the Bagasaurus has some big claws, its carbon footprint is eco-friendly.

Rather than having the fossil’s remains consigned to a museum (or history’s bin) when the family departs the hotel, they plan to recycle the entire beast, keeping only the head as a souvenir of their prehistoric adventure.

But, if I may. I’ll tell you the problem with the scientific power that they’re using here, it didn’t require any discipline to attain it. They merely glanced at the clickbait that others had done and you took the next step. They didn’t earn the knowledge for themselves, so they won’t take any responsibility for it. They stood on the shoulders of the also bored to accomplish something as fast as they could, and before they even knew what they had, they patented it, and packaged it, and slapped it on their Instagram.




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