This State of Origin, Jimmy Brings wants to address the state of our pre-game fare, offering a bevvy of sensational food pairing suggestions.



When it comes to food pairings it’s no surprise that wine and cheese come straight to mind, however, this isn’t the only combo. With the State of Origin kicking off tonight, Jimmy Brings has revealed the ultimate guide to footy food pairings to give viewers a delicious way to support the Blues or Maroons this year.

“Food pairing isn’t just for the sophisticated, in fact, there is a perfect beverage match for any type of snack. This year we wanted to show Aussies just how true this was by showcasing the best pairings for typical footy food snacks that they can enjoy while cheering for their favourite team with their mates,” says Jamie Gagliardi, Head of Marketing at Jimmy Brings.

For those looking to level up their hosting skills this State of Origin season, Jamie has revealed his top tips for finding your footy food’s adult-only pair. 


Chicken wings: Whether they are hot or BBQ, there is no better food to consume during the footy than a bucket of chicken wings. While beer is an obvious choice, did you know bourbon and Coke is one of the best pairings for those footy wings? If beer is more your style, make sure to stick to one with a bitter taste such as an IPA. 

Nachos: Nachos are a quick and easy dish to make, which is why it is a footy night staple. It would be cruel to not pair nachos with a classic margarita, however, if tequila isn’t for you, a mojito might be more your style. For those who like their nachos with a bit of heat, the cooling nature of mint will make the mojito your snack’s perfect pair. 


Nachos and Mojitos: A clash more arresting than when Gordy met Brett Hodgson.


Fried chicken: Regardless of whether they are homemade or store-bought, it wouldn’t be a game night without fried chicken. While just about anything tastes good with this food, you’d be clucking mad not to pair it with a glass of ro. Although it might surprise you, it is the fruity notes that make this beverage a must-try with your next batch of fried chicken. For beer lovers, you can’t go wrong with a bit of fried chicken and a pale ale.


Fried Chicken and IPA: The Wally Lewis and Alfie Langer of culinary combinations.


Hot chips: The hot chip is a beloved food for many Aussies and is a snack that is sure to always make an appearance during footy season. However, if you’ve never consumed a hot chip with a glass of bubbles then you are definitely eating them wrong. Add a bit of class to your viewing session this year and give champagne and hot chips a go – you won’t regret it. 

Sliders: Why get a full-sized burger when you can be a bit boujee with sliders? If that isn’t fancy enough for you, pair your slider with a homemade Manhattan cocktail. All you need is bitters, sweet vermouth, whiskey and you are good to go. For added convenience, ingredients can be delivered straight to your door so if you run out you don’t need to miss out on a single match moment.    



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