The huge responsibility of reversing the aging process has been taken up by the US military, a fine bunch who have never wronged us once. 



In what one would usually have hoped was the pre-credits sequence of a dystopian sci-fi horror movie, it’s been reported that as of next year, the US military’s Special Operations Command (SOCOM) will start to test out an experimental pill that it says will stave off the effects of aging in soldiers.

The experiment, as reported by Breaking Defense, is part of what seems to be a push to augment human ability and keep combatants healthy and operating at peak performance for longer. 

It represents a key moment in modern scientific research. One of those moments when a lab scientist looks up from their microscope, smirks, and says, “Huh. It worked.”

Pending successful testing, it could make its way out into the public as a new longevity treatment for the masses as well, just as soon as the newly-immortal soldiers are done with it.

The supplement takes the form of a pill that boosts levels of the Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) molecule, a compound commonly found in the unregulated nootropics (smart drugs and cognitive enhancers) industry linked to combating aging and the multiple ways the human body deteriorates over time.

Scientific American reported that studies showed how boosting NAD+ levels can extend life span in yeast, worms and mice. Raising levels of the molecule in old mice appears to rejuvenate mitochondria — the cell’s energy factories, which falter over time. Animal research also indicates NAD+‘s promise for improving several aspects of health. 

“This is about enhancing the mission readiness of our forces by improving performance characteristics that typically decline with age,” said SOCOM spokesperson and Navy Commander Tim Hawkins. 

By flooding the system with extra NAD+, SOCOM hopes to prevent age-related injuries, improve physical and mental fitness, and keep their soldiers’ performance from waning over the course of their careers.

MetroBiotech did not respond to Breaking Defense’s request for comment. However, the MetroBiotech website explains that the firm has developed a number of proprietary precursor compounds for “nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+)” which “is critically important to the function of all living cells.”

That, and if they happen to create an army of invincible super soldiers in the process, well that’s just a win-win. Until something goes wrong, which it probably won’t, because when have these kinds of things even taken a turn for the worse?





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