According to a new study, women are able to decipher which men were just interested in sex, purely by the look on their faces. 



They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, but if a new study is anything to go by, the face is the window to … the bedroom?

IFL Science is reporting the findings of a new study which suggests women can judge a man’s attitudes towards casual sex by looking at their face structure. One presumes its men having a face, and that face suggests, yes, they’re in favour of it. Not to generalise or anything.

The study also found that the same cannot be said for men gazing at women; my eyes are up here, buddy. 

The research has got some big limitations to consider, but the study authors argue their work shows an interesting example of how facial structure and appearances may act as a ‘valid cue’ to socio-sexuality. 

In the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, two researchers from Macquarie University gathered 123 young people and asked them to fill out a questionnaire on their attitudes towards sexual relationships, after which they were photographed.

In the first study, Geometric Morphometric Modelling (GMM) analysis of 103 caucasian participants revealed that self-reported socio-sexuality was predicted by facial morphology in male, but not female faces. In the second study, 65 participants judged the socio-sexuality of opposite-sex faces (faces from the first study) at zero acquaintance.

Perceived socio-sexuality predicted self-reported socio-sexuality for men, but not women. 

Researchers asked 65 volunteers to look at the photograph of the questionnaire respondents and asked them to guess their willingness to engage in a casual sexual relationship. Per their findings, women were able to guess with high accuracy the men that were more open to casual sex. However, men were not able to accurately guess the women’s sociosexual orientations.

“This surprised us,” Ian D. Stephen, study author and an associate professor of psychology at Macquarie University, said in a statement. “The ability to make these judgements would also be really useful to men who are trying to judge who might be interested in short-term uncommitted relationships, and who might be more interested in something longer-term and more serious.”

The researchers also found men who were open to casual sex were closely associated with particular facial features, namely longer faces, higher foreheads, longer noses, and larger eyes. The researchers speculate it might have something to do with testosterone levels.

“Higher levels of testosterone are associated with more masculine-looking facial features, and with more male-typical behaviour like interest in short-term, uncommitted relationships”

Why this needed studying is a bit puzzling, but the more we gain an understanding of human sexuality the better off we’ll eventually be. Probably.





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