Last week, Josh Frydenberg shared some of the hardships his electorate has faced…which happens to be the tenth richest in the country.



Dear Josh Frydenberg,

I noticed that you have taken to Twitter to read letters of despair from your constituents, regarding the lockdown. As a longtime supporter of yours and the Liberal Party, I am also writing to share with you the distress I am feeling with this endless lockdown currently crippling my household your electorate of Kooyong.



Just moments ago, I was informed that my head landscaper will be an hour late as he has to line up for a mandatory COVID test. That means that I’ll be unable to take morning tea by the pool as it will clash with the trimming of the topiary. The clicking sound of the secateurs alone is enough to drive me crazy, not to mention the impact it will have on the thoroughbreds and their handlers.

Speaking of pools, my pool cleaner passed away on Monday from COVID-19. The death has impacted me deeply. I haven’t taken a dip in the pool since, as there has been a leaf floating on the surface with no one to fetch it out. The agency has informed me that it may be days before they can find a replacement as his wife is being forced to quarantine as a result.

Other examples of how my life has been impacted include having to endure the putrid smell of my driver’s revolting hand-sanitiser, which he insists on using (it’s ok for him, he’s wearing a mask), my chef’s inability to procure our favourite Tasmanian oysters in person, and having to set aside the left wing of the house to home school the children.

Inconveniently, our sons have returned from boarding school due to Dan Andrews’ draconian approach to protecting our children. Fortunately for us, his science teacher resides interstate and is unable to travel, otherwise we would have had to make up the ninth bedroom. A silver lining is that the extension may have provided some insurance for my property portfolio, should the property market tragically suffer a collapse. Heaven forbid.   

I can go on and on about how my life has been impacted but the fact remains, lockdowns are inhumane and are disrupting the lives of many valuable members of society.

It is unfair that I should have to endure such hardships, particularly that we are now in spring.

I agree with what you said in your video. It has to end!



(Name Withheld)





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