It didn’t work in high school, but Tinder is hoping the romantic mixtape will smooth over your vast shortcomings.



Tinder has partnered with Spotify to create custom playlists in a throwback to the old romantic mixtape, except it’s for a generation who wouldn’t know what a ‘tape’ was, how it worked, or how you played them. But it’s a thing, and we should embrace it.

The dating app has undertaken research and subsequently found that 84% of daters hoped to find a match who shared their taste in music. This is a statistic that places good music taste far higher than looks (64%), political views (61%) and a sense of humour (48%). 

If you’re an attractive Steely Dan fan who makes cracking jokes about politics, let’s hook up.

With the findings under its arm (and its heart on its sleeve), it launched its own profile on Spotify, with playlists focused on dating, love and romance as a part of its collaboration with the music service.

A specified ‘Make Out Jams’ playlist has been designed for those keen to make whoopie, or ‘Love Letter’ songs for those who are more of your ‘Jane Austen pens a longwinded note to someone to read as they walk down estate pathways and languidly stare into the middle distance trying to figure out if being ‘highly esteemed’ means she likes you’-type. If you want to let the music guide your texting digits, the ‘Ily x’ playlist might be your jam, designed to be the perfect backing track for romantic texting. Then there are ‘90s Love Songs’ if you just want to hear ‘Iris’ by Goo Goo Dolls again for some reason.

Also noteworthy is their ‘Love at First Swipe’ list, which opens with The Flaming Lips’ ‘Do You Realise’, which, good a tune as it is, may seem either right on the money, or just WAAAAAY too much for a first date (the list’s penultimate cut is Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’, so make of that what you will).

Tinder, like its rival Bumble, has offered integration with Spotify’s streaming music service since 2016. Your ‘swiping’ experience can have its own soundtrack, allowing you to broadcast your personal anthem from your Tinder profile, which can either be not so subtle, or a trifle esoteric, depending on what floats your boat, and what kind of partner you’d like to attract. I say go with something like this and really sort out the hay from the dating chaff.

It probably is a good thing that you can wear your musical tastes on your sleeve should you be out in the dating world; it probably saves a lot of time that prospective suitors might swipe in agreement at quality acts in your playlists, or swipe the other way should you like Nickleback. Better know the bad news before you have a great first date, go home with them and see a signed Black Eyed Peas poster on their wall. 

Talk about a mood killer.




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