With stores already packed and a leader keen to downplay the danger, the people of NSW need to be smart. For them, and the rest of us.



It’s great, truly great, that folks in NSW can now get themselves on an actual line, as opposed to just being online, and get down to your local Big W or Kmart and pick up… whatever it is you need after midnight on a Sunday. You deserve a moment’s indulgence to restock your supplies of bulk-made Chinese garbage and future landfill, having spent every day for the last 100+ days not being able to do that.

May I just ask, politely, that we do a couple of things, or at least keep a couple of things in mind as we stock up on the plates former WAGs use to hoover up lines of blow?

One, be careful. Despite what that rake-thin young-but-somehow-really-old Trump apologist/religious zealot who is your new Premier has decreed as being good to go, we’re still (believe it or not) in a pandemic. The virus is still out there. 70% of the 16+ population is fully vaccinated, which is excellent and world-leading, but that doesn’t mean y’all are impervious to the virus, and that still means that there’s a legion of your fellow citizens who are yet to be fully vaccinated, because they haven’t yet had the chance, are physiologically incapable of having it, or get their health advice from the toaster

Two, let’s just pump the brakes on the praise of the leadership. I’m not one to tell anyone what they should do, but if I ask nicely, maybe everyone might give it a thought. As someone who went through this lockdown thing last year, and is going through it again this year, I’d just like to remind you who are about to go nuts that I’m personally unable to leave the house aside from the standard four-five reasons because of what the NSW government did, and didn’t do. 

Being of the political stripe that puts the onus on the individual, the limo driver who started this Delta variant spreading to imprison half the population wasn’t vaccinated. How this unvaccinated chap was in this situation while ferrying international aircrews from points A to B remains a curiosity; mostly because NSW Liberals aren’t that big on mandating such things, because of the whole ‘individual responsibility’ business. 

Once the virus got into the community, that Bondi Junction zone should have been locked down tighter than a clam’s ass at high tide. But it wasn’t, it didn’t, Sydney went into lockdown. Dan Andrews thought Gladys Berejiklian should have put up a ring of steel to stop the virus from seeding into Victoria. They scoffed; no ring was established. The seeding happened, and here we are, months later. Enjoy Kmart.



So, I’d just like to ask that before we start throwing praise and platitudes at Dominic Perrottet’s way of opening things up, let’s just pause and consider the reasons why it was all shut down, to begin with. Gladys Berejiklian dropped the ball like it was a bad habit. That she quit had nothing to do with how she handled the pandemic, but for the fact that someone was going to ask her some questions about how corrupt she and her associations were. Vis-à-vis the pandemic in 2020? She was lucky, not smart. Suddenly, hindsight is only something that happens in other people.

Also, any time Scott Morrison wants to hitch his wagon to this whole thing is as good a reason as any to stock up on the expletives, rotten vegetables and incentives to vote accordingly. Quarantine facilities were his responsibility; aged care is his responsibility, vaccines are his responsibility. 0-for-3 on that score, champ.

And since we’re in the grip of this ‘individual responsibility’ jag, it behoves those of you who will now go hell-for-leather on those things you’ve not been able to do these past months to exhibit some measure of responsibility. If you can wear a mask, do so. If you can socially distance, do so. If you can stay at home, do so. If you can take any measure of action that will limit the spread of this thing, take that responsibility, and be responsible. Do the right thing.

It’s unlikely this state government with its high degrees of libertarian ethos coursing through its icy cold veins will again mandate you doing anything, so focus on the ‘responsibility’ part of ‘personal responsibility’ and know there are vulnerable people out there who are not yet vaccinated. There are people who may die from this still, because it’s likely that thousands upon thousands more people will catch the thing, and the statistics show that a percentage of those who get it are killed by it.

Just try to curb your enthusiasm. The UK had their big Freedom Day, and people went a trifle over the top, their case numbers went through the roof and it’s all looking a bit grim Blighty-way.

For now, Perrottet’s a happy camper. Media coverage has been (sickeningly) positive. The business council of NSW are likewise chipper. Leigh Sales is probably losing her mind with joy. To them, it’s all numbers on a page – and if that page is in the black, they’re happy. The rationalisation of death has become a sport for them, and ‘living with Covid’ is a nice way of saying ‘How many people can die so I can still enjoy brunch and not worry about it?’ Something, something, something, seasonal flu, shadow pandemic, economy, liberty, freedom, etc.



Can we just please be cautious. I for one don’t want to have to live this way again. But the bigger problem is that there’s going to be an increase in people dying. They had families, friends, lives, stories. They needn’t have gone out this way.







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