After a man almost died after using an eel as a colonic, he became the butt of the joke at the hospital that treated him.



Faced with a bout of constipation, a man from China’s Jiangsu Province inserted an eel in his anus in an apparent effort to loosen things up.

Unfortunately, its thing was to travel up his rectum and into his colon, where it bit a hole in the colon wall and made its way into his abdomen, requiring hospitalisation and a very real chance of things going eely bad. The man was in pain but was “too shy to see the doctor,” according to the Global Times. After a day, he finally gave in and sought medical help at a local hospital, where doctors told him he could have lost his life.

The unnamed patient was operated on to remove the eel, which was measured at twenty centimetres. Interestingly, the eel was fine and survived when surgeons pulled it out of him. This medical miracle probably lightened the mood in the operating theatre, as the medical staff allegedly spent the entirety of the procedure laughing at the patient. Which seems both incredibly unprofessional, and entirely fair.

For those of appropriate age and fortitude, the video (which includes the removal in visceral detail) lies below. On another side note, the surgery was purportedly filmed on the phone of one of those attending. Which, again, seems unprofessional, and fair enough.



Interestingly, this isn’t the only time this has happened in recent times. As IFLScience noted, “in 2017, a man had a 50-centimetre eel removed from his stomach following his own attempt to relieve constipation. In June 2020, a man in his fifties also inserted an Asian swamp eel into his anus, which also entered his abdominal cavity. Following the injury, faeces and pus entered the cavity, giving him a severe infection.”

“Because he had inserted a live eel into himself, the chances of him dying were quite high had he not had surgery in time,” his doctor said, according to The Mirror, adding “he inserted it up his anus into his rectum. I suspect it was then that the perforation in his sigmoid colon occurred.”

Paging Dr Sigmoid.





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