We see The Big Smoke company as a capital city for the 21st century. We’re all about cutting through the noises and mazes to have a distinctive cultural impact and connect people with things they’ll love.



Our aim is to provide a single platform that acts as a stage for the voicing of varied, topical and interesting opinions. The pool of writers at The Big Smoke are generally not journalists, although some write for a living. We draw on some of the finest minds in the country – both young and old, emerging and famous. Our contributors come from all walks of life – comedians, barristers, students, politicians, business owners, academics – the list is almost endless.

We publish content that we may not agree with. We don’t censor, we provide a platform for debate. We cater towards discerning readers who want to access ideas differently.

We have a sister site in the United States run by Editor Greg Gerding. You can check out The Big Smoke America here.

The Big Smoke also runs the program TBS Next Gen, where kids aged 8-18 write thought-provoking articles for The Big Smoke while being mentored by professionals. You can view their articles here, and please see below Giselle Atlas discussing her articles on The Big Smoke for Channel 7.

See here also for TBS Next Gen writer, Eloise, and her article on The Big Smoke being mentioned in Parliament (December 2017)



The Big Smoke is a unique urban vehicle connecting writers, readers and brands across Australia.

By bringing together engaged audiences, influencers, brands and content that actually converts – we are connecting brands with their audiences. We work with brands in data-driven simple ways to ensure they are tapping into the myriad of digital opportunities in a cost effective and transparent way. See here for more information.


 The Big Smoke is dedicated to promoting the arts, creatives, and entertainment because we know that if these things flourish, everyone else will too.

We work fervently to tailor our power in a way that connects people with the energy, vibrancy, and thrills of culture.


 The Big Smoke Media Group

502, 350 George street, Sydney NSW 2000


Founder and Publisher

Alexandra Tselios

The Big Smoke Board

  Mike Zeederberg | Philippa Lewis

Editor-in-Chief, Australia

Mathew Mackie

editor @ thebigsmoke.com.au

Editor-in-Chief, USA

Greg Gerding

editor @ thebigsmoke.com

Deputy Editor

Simon Dawes

Editor for TBS Next Gen 

Loretta Barnard

Loretta.Barnard @ thebigsmoke.com.au

Account Director

Renee Gorrie

Matt Reddin

Human Resources

Angelo Tselios

Media and PR

Seven Communications

Annie de Merindol


Content Coordinators

Victoria Cotman

Creative and Branded Content

Jenna Martin

Rivka Kastel Botnick

Social Media Manager

Connor McCallum

A percentage of our house advertising is represented by Tselios Media Group.

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