Are the tools you currently use to manage your business letting you down

Are the tools you currently use to manage your business letting you down

Are the tools you currently use to manage your business letting you down The saw is not the problem…… This includes organisations – of all sizes – that have implemented Dynamics 365 CE. The reasons for this come down to human errors – errors in the implementation project – not issues with the technology itself

Who is your customer, really?

Usually when you hear this question, it is followed by something to do with identifying client industry, or prospect demographic. But here, I am considering a question that comes after you have identified a prospect organisation, and a question that is only relevant to B2B sales.   This is a challenge that is particularly pertinent

Marketing Automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer Relationship Management solutions should give you a full view of how your clients interact with you, usually across your entire organization, from first contact. This should include the marketing activity that often is responsible for first finding the prospect, and also for much of the ongoing nurturing both before the initial sale and during

What is a CRM solution?

I refer repeatedly to a CRM solution, distinct from technology. I thought that it would be useful to define the term ‘CRM solution’ and to show how it differs from a CRM system or a specific technology.     A CRM solution transcends the technology, i.e. it is more than the technology. A CRM solution

It’s official – Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (customer engagement or CRM) and Finance and Operations apps, is now receiving semi-annual updates

Although this update schedule has effectively been in place since April 2018 – when the latest version of CE (link here to 9.02 article) was released, last Friday Microsoft announced that Microsoft Dynamics 365 would receive major updates every April and October.     This means that every six months there will be a slew

How much is bad data costing you?

A survey by Experian Data Quality found that an average company is losing 12% of revenue because of bad data.     This comes from roughly a quarter of information believed to be inaccurate in many. Organisations. This is costing companies in many ways: First, inaccurate data is affecting the company bottom line. 77% of

The seven frustrations of DIY CRM

Imagine, in a recent sales meeting, it was decided that your organisation really did need a CRM.     All of your competitors, colleagues and friends now seem to use CRM. Some of them rave about how much easier it makes work, and a few grizzle about all the data entry… but there will always

Training is the cornerstone of a successful CRM project

Technology implementation- especially CRM projects, be they based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 or other technologies- are not easy. And the biggest challenge is the change management.     For most people responsible for delivering such a project there will two measures of success. Firstly, that the solution delivered, delivers on the goals set out for

CRM – Why?

Why small businesses need a CRM solution     In this presentation, part of InnovestSME’s “Start Up Business Ownership certificate”, on 9th December 2017, Gill highlights some of the key functionality that successful CRM should deliver to any business. This presentation shows the owners of start up, owner-operator, small businesses who have little experience of CRM how a CRM

Implementing New Software

Ask these three big questions before you do Many people are disappointed, upset, or downright distraught, when a software or technology project costs more than they had anticipated, or been led to believe.  Occasionally, rather than being the saviour of the business the project becomes the death knell – this is especially true for smaller

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