The ride-sharing giant, Uber finally filed for its long-awaited IPO

The ride-sharing giant, Uber finally filed for its long-awaited IPO

Uber, the ride-sharing giant finally filed for its long-awaited IPO.   Highlights Monthly active users reached 91 million. Average user takes 5.5 trips in a month. Uber Eats accounted for 18% of total bookings, but the take rate (profit margin) has been on a declining trend. The largest shareholder is Japanese SoftBank Group (16.3% holding).

Aussie Tech Unicorn Atlassian releases Q3 Earnings

Atlassian (NASDAQ: TEAM) announced 3Q19 earnings, which ended in June 2019. Atlassian provides team collaboration and productivity software such as Jira Software and Confluence.Over 144,000 customers are currently using their services. Revenue and Loss Atlassian made $309 million in revenue (+38% year-over-year) and -$27 million in operating losses (-9% YOY). The increased investment in research

6 key elements to consider when evaluating stock value

Investing in offshore shares can seem exciting, but like any financial undertaking, you have to do your groundwork to ensure a sound investment strategy.     Fortunately, information about companies is readily available. This information is vital when making any decision regarding your stock portfolio. Many of us will rush towards established companies that have already

7 Companies that Google Acquired in 2018

Google, the search giant, is famous for acquiring rapidly growing technology companies and, it has acquired and invested into nearly 200 companies in the past 10 years. In 2018, Google acquired 7 companies.  Now let’s take a look at these companies to see what areas Google has strengthened in the past year. Animated GIFs searching

Top three reasons why your portfolio is performing poorly

Every investor wants a stellar performance from their share portfolio. Who doesn’t? We all invest with the aim to see appreciation in our wealth – either through dividends or favourable moves in the markets. However, the reality is that not all share portfolios are created equal. Here we look at the top three reasons why

Why Indonesian companies are getting some love from analysts

For a few years now, Indonesia has been stoking the interest of investors. As far back as 2016, analysts were making predictions about the country becoming the next Asian powerhouse. For example, many believe that by 2020, Indonesia will have the third-highest e-commerce numbers, with estimates set at $130 billion, thanks to an annual growth

Better Buy: Telstra Corporation Ltd or Singapore Telecom

The Telstra Corporation Ltd (ASX: TLS) share price has been on the slide since 2015. While the share price held around the $3.70 – $3.78 level in December last year, the downtrend is still persistent, with prices recently touching $2.60.   Like its other telco rivals, Telstra operates in an ultra-competitive market with thinning margins

All about Alibaba

You can’t think about investing in overseas shares without exploring China as an option. While many investors are still focused on the FANGs of America, (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google), intuitive traders are turning All about Alibaba towards the BATs of Asia (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent). For context, as of January 2018, only two Asian

Basic Principles of Technical Analysis

There are two primary methods used when analyzing securities and making investment decisions: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.    Fundamental analysis involves reviewing a company’s financial statements and reports in order to determine the fair value of the business, whereas technical analysis assumes that all publicly-available information is already priced into the security, and instead

What Are ETFs And How Can They Help My Portfolio?

Exchange-traded funds or ETFs are a type of fund that owns the underlying assets (stocks, commodities, bonds, etc.) and divides ownership of those assets into shares.   ETFs are bought and sold like shares on a stock exchange, but unlike conventional shares, they are not businesses, but rather investment funds that can invest in a

Aussie Tech finds success in offshore markets

Aussie Tech finds success in offshore markets Atlassian Inc. (NASDAQ: TEAM) is a Sydney-based tech company that develops and sells cloud-based collaboration software for teams of all sizes. It was founded by two classmates from The University of New South Wales in 2002. Since then, it has become a pillar of success for Australian technology

Spotify and Dropbox – The Next Unicorns to Go Public

The U.S. stock market in the past decade has shifted much of its focus to the technology sector. Tech ‘unicorns’ – start-ups with valuations of over $US 1 billion – have attracted the interest of many investors and are dominating news headlines. Think about companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat – when these companies

APAC firms are more likely to embrace emerging tech

“Digital transformation reimagines how organisations bring people, data and processes together to create value for their customers.” – Ralph Hunter, President of Microsoft Asia Emerging technologies have played a large part in the digital transformation that is sweeping through businesses and economies in today’s society. Technology is at the centre of this transformation, and there

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