The More You Simplify, the Less You Stress

The More You Simplify, the Less You Stress

There’s hardly a soul on this planet who would not agree that we now suffer from the effects of ‘always being on’…      …from being the target of seemingly hundreds who want to sell us something; from the umpteen well-meaning folk who think we want to see their kids and their kittens; from work

Small Digital Things that Make Big Security Differences

We have positioned Now Sorted as the ultimate online vault for both family and business users. It is the digital place where life’s key information, important documents and additional crucial information can be securely stored – and instantly accessed when needed. Ideal for loved ones should ‘the unexpected’ happen (and it most often does). In

You never told me about the cashflow feature

This Client Told Us Off – and Then Told Us to Promote Her Story. Cathy K, from Brisbane, sent us an email recently in which, first, she scolded us, and then urged us to promote an idea. So, to prove we aren’t above taking advice, here’s the story. We hope you derive as much benefit as

It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark

Don’t you hate it when people, smugly, have one up on you? You know, those moments over a cup of coffee when they tell us their kids just aced it at school? Or they just won a big contract, and we are still wondering how best to put our presentation together? Or we notice they

A New Spin on Controlling your Information

You’ve heard the phrase “too much information” used as punctuation in a conversation where some personal details may have accidentally slipped out.   Well, when it comes to personal papers, the last thing you need is for something to slip out, providing someone with just enough information to cause you serious discomfort. Here’s why you

Now Sorted: How would I know?

True story, names changed. On a recent Monday night, David asked Virginia, his life partner, a simple, four-word question: ‘How would I know?’ Virginia consults on marketing to people in the advice professions.  David works in IT for a financial services firm. She earns more than him and that’s fine between them because he is

The Supreme Benefits of Being Organised

We live in an age of overload – and, wow, don’t we know it. Never before has there been so many ways to distract our eyes and ears: news (including ‘fake news’) comes from countless sources; people we don’t even know alert us to ‘interesting and/or amusing’ videos designed to titillate the senses. And yet, for every minute we are distracted, we fail to organise something of importance. Ridiculous

Now Sorted: How it Began

Two men, in their mid-forties, are chatting over a business breakfast. Suddenly, one excuses himself and goes to the bathroom. He is sweating slightly, feels uncomfortable, splashes some cold water on his face. He returns to the table, apologises to his colleague and suggests they defer their discussion to another day. With that, he pays the bill, tips the waiter and proceeds to his car. He wonders what just happened?  Within an

Your Estate: Ugly Mess?

It’s a fact that when you see or hear the word ‘estate’ you might assume the rest of the conversation is about death. This is nonsense because if you look around right now – right now – the possessions that are yours are part of your living estate. In life, you are building it and living off it. Your estate defines you, here’s how:    There are two types of estate: tidy and untidy. In an untidy estate, important information and crucial documents are not

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