Long Reads: The dead, a world without work and the man who collects Hitler

Long Reads: The dead, a world without work and the man who collects Hitler

This week’s Long Reads examines ownership of the dead, a world without work and a Brit who squandered his inheritance on Hitler and Nazi paraphernalia.

Long Reads: Loneliness, Refugees, Pro-Marriage

A man’s self-imposed Exile into the wild, and an amazing refugee mystery features in this week’s Long Reads.  Alone – Same Parker (Esquire) “What is human history, if not the story of man slowly becoming less alone?” Probably my favourite article that I have read in a while. I think a lot of us feel alone

Long Reads: Sepp Blatter, the Clintons, Russia’s news manipulation

Richard Jackson’s weekly #longreads: the journalist who undid Sepp Blatter, Russia’s distortion of the news and the Clinton’s $2 billion global empire.

Long Reads: Bernie Sanders, the Unclimbables, Shia in Iraq

Rich Jackson’s weekly #longreads: how the press ended Bernie Sanders’ run for presidency, the unclimbables of north-west Canada, and the two-facedness of ISIS and revival of Shia in Iraq.

Long Reads: Tesla, radioactive waste, animal protection and Mong La

From Tesla and SpaceX to animal protection endangering humans, Rich Jackson presents TBS readers the internet’s #longreads worth reading this week.

Long Reads: FIFA, Mothers Day, preppers and the law

Rich Jackson’s weekly #longreads, on this Mothers Day covering Sepp Blatter and FIFA, suburban “preppers” awaiting our doom, holes in the law and a reluctant PB on Mothers Day.

Long Reads: Austerity, “affluenza,” Murdoch and coyotes…

Austerity, “affluenza” and power and its abuse form Rich Richard Jackson’s weekly #longreads this weekend. The only relief is in a coyote invasion of NYC – oh, ps: #coyoteinvasionofNYC!

Long Reads: Chomsky, Alzheimers, HBO and extreme Catholicism

In Richard Jackson weekend #longreads you’ll get Noam Chomsky on the media today, the issue of sexual consent and Alzheimer’s, from HBO to Netflix and a dose of extreme Catholicism.

Long Reads: Anzac, uranium, genetics and the supernatural

In this week’s #LongReads, Rich Jackson brings us Douglas Grant the Aboriginal Anzac, introduces some #SCIENCE in “Do genetics determine your life?” and PB gets app kooky with “the other side”…


Long Reads: Anti-Semitism, plastic surgery, AA and pigeons in NYC

A mixed bag, as Rich Jackson kicks off this week’s #LongReads with anti-Semitism in Europe, covers plastic surgery in South Korea and the flaws in AA…plus PB’s weekly narrative.ly pick: pigeons in Brooklyn.

Long reads: Men’s rights, black site torture, MH370 and private performances

Torture is the theme of Rich Jackson’s Long Reads this week; from law enforcement, to opinions on MH370’s whereabouts, to stories shared in and of “the manosphere.”

Hillary Clinton

Long Reads: Bryan Stevenson, Manus, Hillary Clinton and IS

Rich Jackson fights his own “Clinton rage” as he profiles Among the Hillary Haters, a piece about Hillary Clinton and the rocky 2016 US Presidential Road ahead, as part of this week’s Long Reads.

Long Reads: Barack Obama, Jose Mujica, Al Sharpton, living in “The Hole”

Rich Jackson’s #LongReads bring us Jose Mujica and Al Sharpton, Vox’s epic two part interview with Barack Obama, with PB’s narrative.ly Ed’s pick taking you into life in “The Hole”…


Long Reads: BIID, defense lawyers, the language police and Boston

Richard Jackson’s weekly long reads cover BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder), music, defence lawyer Judy Clarke and those who police political correctness.

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