A New India

Late last year, I travelled to incredible India to film a documentary.   I had for some time wanted to showcase not only the beauty, but also the real needs that exist over there. Those needs are sometimes hard to comprehend to us who live in a country that is so well off. I well

INDIA – so what’s the big deal?

Ganges river, Varanasi   Imagine a population of about 1.3 billion people. To put that in perspective, that is about four times the population of the United States (327 million), and about 52 times the population of Australia (25 million). That is a lot of people! India is a very religious country, which is primarily

Information Is Cheap, Transformation Is Expensive: Overcoming Obstacles

    Information: ‘Knowledge gained through study, communication, research, instruction, etc; factual data’. Let’s face it: these days, information of all kinds is now available at our fingertips. I remember hearing a bright millennial speak at a conference recently, who basically said: “you cannot impress us with knowledge; we have all the information we need.

How to be a great public speaker

Making it stick. Communication is a funny thing – there is much information coming at us from virtually every angle – emails, facebook, the internet, people we interact with, commercials, and so on. If you are like me, it will not really touch your life in a significant way – as a matter of fact,


But why am I not fulfilled?   I have just come back from filming a documentary in India. It is a documentary about the beauty of India, the challenges that exist and the solutions that are taking place in helping others gain a better life. My goal is for that documentary to be finished in

Am I Good Enough

The greatest gift you can give to anyone is to be the best version of who you really are… Insecurities. Yeah, we all have them to some degree, and I know from experience how they can limit you from being the person you are meant to be. I have discovered that there are a lot

Born for More

Live big.   I remember as a child, dreaming about my future; there were no boundaries as my imagination ran wild… I remember imagining being in a foreign land with people who had darker skin than I, seeing their colourful clothes and hearing their strange language. I remember seeing strange statues, temples and symbols. I

How to deal with the dark side of life

I have been a photographer and film maker for some years now. There is quite a bit involved in making a great film – things like the story, characters and the editing. In the same way, taking a great photograph means a compelling subject, good composition and great light. When the film or photo is

Stopping Time

The art of living in the present “Hey dad, have a look at this English project I did at school!” “Let mum have a look at it,” said dad, obviously distracted by all those things he had to do and the goals he had to accomplish. Although the son was happy to show mum, years

What you say, matters (a lot)

What is a word? It is a thought clothed with vocabulary.    I am a bit of an analytical kind of a person. I want to know how stuff works. There is so much information ‘out there’, it will make your head spin! Google is now the ‘go to’ source for so much… the challenge is to

The art of staying calm

Keeping your cool during hard times. Sitting in the doctor’s office, you have been diagnosed with an illness. The illness is not serious but does require medication. Your doctor writes out a prescription and you faithfully take the medicine, but things are not right…so you head back to the doctor who examines you and says: ‘Your

Problem? What problem?

The anatomy of the Ostrich.   Problems.  Yeah, we all have them.   Some are little and some not so little. Sometimes problems seem so large and so difficult that we want to stick our head in the sand! Especially when it involves dealing with difficult or resistant people. Confronting a staff member or volunteer in your

What do you want?

It all starts with a plan. Meet the control freak. Yep, that was me: guilty as charged. A much younger me tried controlling conversations, peoples’ decisions, gave advice when it was not asked for and was more interested in telling rather than listening. I am happy to report that if the former me of many

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